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We don’t just enlarge breasts, we use implants to create beautiful breasts


Implants should be used not just to enlarge the breasts, but to beautify them.

The female breast is sensually appealing not by size alone, but by proportion with her body, alluring shapes, symmetry, position, nipple-areola features, and other elements. We augment  women who want a larger size than they naturally developed, and we restore breast fullness and contour after post-partum (pregnancy related) breast deflation (involution).  You’ll try implant sizes and styles in the office, and choose the ones that are right for you before the procedure.  We also simulate your result in 3-D with your chosen implants using the VECTRA system.   Our dimensional approach to implant sizing allows YOU to choose what you like best.  (best breast implant size for your body) We don’t believe in the doctor choosing your implants, although he will provide information you need to select the implant that offers the result you want.  Your procedure is planned for your unique situation, to accommodate your preferences and lifestyle. Our ambitions are pleasing shape and symmetry, appropriate size and soft texture, invisible scar, nipple sensation, and prevention of implant related problems. Dr. Laverson uses implants that conform to your breasts and if necessary, aesthetically adjusts features of your breast to  accommodate implants. During your augmentation procedure, Dr. Laverson incorporates a series of  preventive measures to avoid complications.   While this is no guarantee of success or perfection, Dr. Laverson hopes your great result will last for many years, so your procedure is planned and executed with extreme care.  He works diligently to get it right the first time.  Breast Augmentation is NOT a “one size fits all” procedure.  Because there are many individual considerations, YOUR procedure will be adjusted to achieve YOUR vision.

How Much Does A Breast Augmentation Cost And Why Do Prices Vary So Much?

Beautiful Breasts, according to YOU.

How much does breast augmentation cost in San Diego? The breast augmentation at Feel Beautiful Plastic Surgery is between $7,900 to $8,900

Planning Your New Breasts

Many nuances require detailed attention to create beautiful breasts with implants.

Dr. Laverson believes your result should feature breast size ideally proportioned with your body, and that you’re pleased with.  Shape should be natural, round, sensuous, and should fit with your chest, shoulders, and abdomen. Your size and shape should not be fake or obvious, unless you want them to be.  Your implants should be positioned for cleavage with a bra, avoiding excessive distance between your breasts. There should be an aesthetic relationship between your well defined gently projecting nipple, the encircling gently raised pigmented areolar disc, and the surrounding rotund projecting breast mound.  From the clavicle (collarbone) above there’s a smooth, downward and forward progressively increasing  awareness to the rotund envelope that suspends fullness of the breast volume on the chest, terminating as the bowl shaped infra-mammary fold extending from center down across the chest surface to both sides.  Texture of the breasts should be soft.  Mobility of the breast should be comfortable. Symmetry (right and left sides similar), obscure scars, nipple sensation, and absence of implant related factors such as rippling and wrinkling are also important.  Your breasts should fit your personality, and should be as elegant, graceful, seductive, and/or conservatively feminine as you want to be. 

Your Breast Decisions

Don’t worry, we’ll help with these​

Natural Breast Augmentation Results

Your breast augmentation result depends on many factors, including your surgeon’s standards for your outcome, and his or her concept of beauty.  Dr. Laverson produces problem-free predictable attractive and proportionate breasts consistently.   This doesn’t just “happen” by the insertion of implants, but happens only by obsessive attention to many details.  Not all breast augmentation procedures are alike.  Most patients are unaware of huge differences in planning, technique, and quality.  Decisions made with you before the procedure affect many facets of your result.  Technical details of the procedure performed while you are asleep influence final appearance and longevity of your implants.

  • What steps will your surgeon take before and during surgery to be sure your implants stay together toward your mid-line, preventing visible and un-natural separation between your breasts?
  • What steps are taken to prevent implants from dropping off to your sides when you lay down?
  • What steps (if any) are taken to be sure your implants remain high on the chest with the natural slope and fullness across the upper breasts you desire?
  • How will your surgeon minimize the chance of capsular contracture, which causes implants to become hard and mis-shapen, usually requiring re-operation?
  • How will implant malposition (implants improperly positioned) be prevented?
  • What about rippling and wrinkling at the implant edges?
  • Are special steps are taken to prevent infection, implant perforation, bleeding, and “animation” (movement) of the breasts with chest muscle contraction??

See before and after breast augmentation gallery

Patient Reviews

From the first time I walked through the doors and all through my recovery I was treated so nicely. Dr. Laverson spent a lot of time talking with me to really understand what it is that I want and what will be best for my body. Cherise was so friendly and made me feel so comfortable. She was easy to get ahold of and super quick to respond to texts and always answered the phone. The nurses couldn’t have been more friendly or welcoming, they were relatable and down to earth. The anasthesiologist, Dr. Landon was very informative and kind and put me at ease. On the day of my surgery I knew I was in good hands and was not nervous at all. Throughout the process I felt as if I was their most important patient and am so glad I decided to get my breast augmentation surgery at Feel Beautiful San Diego.
My initial consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Laverson was so helpful. He was very caring to my needs in what I wanted for my breast augmentation. The results were exactly what I wanted and I will never go to another plastic surgeon ever again!
I have a very petite frame and have always felt prepubescent for my age. I've been wanting this surgery since I was in high school but waited until I was 27. He let me try on different sizes until I was absolutely sure I had picked out the right size and shape. In my case I am a runner and wanted a more feminine look that still looked natural. I am so happy with my results. I've had my new body for 2 years now and I haven't regretted it once. All my friends love the results also and two of my friends have decided to have the surgery themselves.

Preventing breast augmentation complications

These are all problems that occur frequently after breast augmentation surgery.  Many surgeons routinely re-operate to improve or correct such troublesome issues.  Although they may occur despite efforts to prevent them, unlike many surgeons, Dr. Laverson takes extra time and makes a special effort before, during, and after your breast augmentation to minimize the chance of problems in the following ways:

Our approach is dimensional, NOT volumetric.  Your implant is selected based on the dimensions of your breast and chest before surgery, and the dimensions you want to have after surgery.  Implants are available in many sizes and shapes.  The shape of your implant and the width, height, and projection are carefully chosen by Dr. Laverson who considers your presenting chest and breast anatomy, your skin characteristics, and your desired result.  You will try these implants on in the office and decide which is best.  We also offer 3D Portrait Surgical Simulation with various sizes in the office.

Implant surface, implant fill, implant positioning, and approach for implant placement.  There are choices to be made before surgery that affect your outcome.  Dr. Laverson discusses these with you, and will help you select the device and procedure with the best chance of success for you.  Your lifestyle, personal preferences, body habitus, breast size, age, and other individual factors influence these choices.  Many surgeons only order implants from one of the three major manufacturers of FDA approved breast implants, but Dr. Laverson orders from all three (Allergan (Natrelle), Mentor, and Sientra), depending on which implant is best for your situation.

This problem causes breasts to become firm and un-natural in texture.  Sometimes, fluid around breast implants is produced, causing the breast to enlarge spontaneously.  Evidence suggests that contracture is a response to bacterial biofilms, produced by organisms that naturally live in breast ductal tissue.  Dr. Laverson avoids breast ducts, and provides pre-surgical anti-bacterial scrub for you to shower with before breast augmentation. At the start of your procedure, a polyurethane barrier is applied to seal your ducts from the surgical field, and you are dosed with intravenous antibiotics.  During the operation, your breast implant pocket is kept absolutely blood free, and irrigated copiously with four different antibiotics, effective against ductal bacteria.  Your skin is thoroughly scrubbed by nursing staff before surgery, and again by Dr. Laverson during surgery.  Antiseptic is also used to coat the breast implant pocket.  Your implant is removed from its sterile packaging, bathed in antibiotic, inserted, and the deep connective tissue closed over the device after proper positioning all within 1-2 minutes, minimizing the likelihood of exposure to bacterial contamination.  New manufacturer warranty provisions provide financial assistance for patients needing implant replacement for capsular contracture.

Dr. Laverson reconstructs muscle, deep connective tissue, superficial connective tissue, and several layers of skin closure to be sure your implant is protected, concealed, and securely covered as much as possible, with restoration of normal appearing skin surface and a scar that is fine, well positioned, and minimally detectable.  This extra time, energy, effort, and care diminishes the possibility of implant exposure and other poor outcomes.

Selection and placement of the implant are important to prevent these problems, but also taking time to reconstruct the lower curvature of the breast before inserting the implant help to keep it in position. Dr. Laverson secures your connective tissue to the chest wall to prevent implant descent with loss of fullness in the upper breast.  Few surgeons will take the time while you are asleep to anchor edges of the implant pocket in this way to stabilize implants in their proper position.

Many surgeons perform the entire breast augmentation procedure without seeing how you look in the upright position.  Breast tissue is soft and mobile over the implant, and shifts with your posture.  Often, the result looks perfect when you are laying flat on the operating room table but breasts drop down below the implant when you are standing.  This problem (and others) can only be corrected if discovered during surgery by sitting you up while asleep to check your appearance in the upright position.  Dr. Laverson secures you safely and comfortably to the operating room table in anticipation of sitting you up to check the result and to be certain that your breasts look right before your procedure is concluded. See before and after breast augmentation gallery

To minimize early post surgical pain, Dr. Laverson treats the area of your augmentation with anesthetic solution to relieve pain for hours to days following your operation.  Either regular bupivacaine or long acting bupivacaine (Exparel®) will be used.  Either way, you are unlikely to be in excruciating discomfort upon awakening from anesthesia.  This minimizes your need for nausea inducing narcotics.

months is recommended.  Dr. Dr. Laverson doesn’t skimp or save on your post surgical bra.  He applies the highest quality latex free Marena® and/or Design Veronique® bra with a two inch supporting band to maintain your implants in their proper location.  If necessary (and at no extra charge to you), a three inch stabilizing band will be provided as well.  Implant position during the early period of healing must be properly maintained to improve your long term result.  This also means no running or jumping for several weeks after your breast augmentation procedure.  If you have a breast lift with your augmentation, post-surgical support for several Laverson understands that if you don’t like your post-surgical bra or if it is not comfortable, you won’t wear it.

Because your breast augmentation result progressively matures for several months after surgery, problems may not become apparent until some later time by which many surgeons have no scheduled follow up.  Implant influenced tissue expansion, gravitational settling, resolution of swelling, and pocket expansion related to dynamic musculoskeletal forces change your appearance.  Sometimes, early detection and treatment of developing problems can improve your long term outcome.  Dr. Laverson always wants to know if there is deterioration of your result in any way, and wants to see final results six months to one year after your breast augmentation surgery.  There is never any charge for follow up visits.  Although rarely indicated, minor office revisions and/or treatment of problems are included as well.

Depending on your situation, additional and/or alternative elements of preparation, technique, and post-surgical care will be added to improve your result, prevent complications, and increase longevity of your implants.

These measures may increase the cost of your surgery slightly, but if effective, additional surgery to manage problems is avoided.  Your breast augmentation outcome and experience will more likely be the best possible.

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