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Breast Implant Brands

The decision to get breast implants is exciting.

You’ll have your implants for a long time, so it’s worthwhile understanding your choices.

Breast Implant Shapes

There are two main types of breast implant shapes to choose from: Round and Teardrop. Round breast implants are the most common and come in a range of projections, ranging from low to high.  Several independent well conducted scientific studies have proven that most people (including plastic surgeons) cannot distinguish the result of breast augmentation with round implants from the result with teardrop implants.

1. Round breast implants augment the female breast most naturally because the breast is a complex disc-cone-round shape that is simulated well by viscous fill within a round roughly hemispherical implant.

2. Teardrop breast implants are fuller at the bottom than at the top and more solid (“form stable”) than round implants.  Teardrop implants do not change their shape with changes in body position like softer round implants.  For women with loose breast skin, the “form stability” of shaped implants actually promotes more upper breast fullness than similar sized round implants which settle to the bottom of the breast skin envelope in standing position.  Additionally, women with elliptical shaped breasts (wide short chest or tall narrow chest) may be better suited to teardrop shaped implants that are wide and short or tall and narrow than round implants.  Teardrop implants may rotate over time however, and if this creates an abnormal or asymmetric breast shape may be an indication for breast revision surgery.

In our office, you’ll see and feel all available breast implant shapes, brands, and styles.  We discuss advantages and disadvantages of each type of implant so you’ll be able to select which is best for you.

Best Brands for Breast Implants

Dr. Steve Laverson uses FDA-approved breast implants for patient safety and optimal results. In the United States, there are four brands of breast implants available for breast augmentation, breast lift with augmentation, and breast augmentation revision. All four brands offer safe, durable, high-quality devices.  Similarities between implant brands are greater than their differences.

Allergan Natrelle®

Allergan (now part of Abbvie, Inc.) is one of the world’s largest breast implant manufacturers. The brand offers silicone gel implants with with smooth surfaces only. Allergan Natrelle® offers breast implants in 5 profiles ranging from low to extra-full projection. Dr. Laverson will use these profiles to customize your look based on your body structure and goals. The Natrelle® Inspira collection offers three different gel consistencies, which refers to the consistency of the silicone gel inside the implants. The gummier the breast implant, the more it holds its shape in your hand. At your consultation, you will be able to feel and compare the different types of Natrelle INSPIRA® gummy implants and talk to Dr. Laverson about which implant may be best for you. Natrelle® also offers saline breast implants in a variety of shapes that offer low, moderate, and high fullness. All Natrelle® breast implants come with a free ConfidencePlus® warranty that protects against rupture and deflation.


Mentor® manufactures silicone and saline breast implants exclusively in the United States. The brand currently offers three different types of breast implants.  Mentor® MemoryGel® breast implants are round, and filled with cohesive silicone gel that resembles the consistency of natural breast tissue. Mentor® MemoryGel® implants come with four projection options, allowing you to achieve a breast shape that matches your expectations. Mentor® MemoryShape® breast implants use cohesive gel to provide a natural silhouette and youthful feel. Unlike round implants, which are full at the top, Mentor® MemoryShape® implants are teardrop shaped, which means they are thinner at the top and fuller at the base to mimic the shape of natural breasts. 
Mentor® saline breast implants are slightly firmer than silicone breast implants and have three projection options. With saline implants, Dr. Laverson can adjust the volume of your breast implants during the procedure for your preferred result.
Mentor® gel breast implants are covered by the Mentor Replacement Policy, Mentor Warranty, and Enhanced Warranty. Mentor® saline breast implants are covered by the Mentor Standard & Enhanced Advantage Limited Warranties and Lifetime Replacement Policy. Brast implants during the procedure for your preferred result.


Sientra OPUS® breast implants are available only to Board Certified and Board Eligible Plastic Surgeons. Sientra offers both round implants and teardrop silicone implants to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Sientra round gel implants come in five different projections and feature a proprietary texturing method to maintain implant positioning. Sientra offers teardrop shaped silicone breast implants designed to mimic the look and feel of natural breasts.  Sientra OPUS implants are filled with proprietary designed HSC (high strength cohesive) silicone gel for natural consistency, cohesiveness in case of implant failure, and strength.  Shaped breast implants are available with a classic, round, or oval shaped base.  Sientra offers a twenty year Platinum20® warranty program.

We’ll Help You Determine Which Brand Will Work Best for You

Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what type of breast implants you want. That’s what we’re here for. We’ll guide you through the discovery process to determine which breast implants will help you look and feel great in whatever you wear.

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Dr. Laverson is truly gifted! He knew EXACTLY what I was asking for and he delivered those results flawlessly. I am so happy with my new breasts. He was very attentive and professional. I knew I was in good hands! It was a huge surgery for me and now that I’m in recovery, he still checks on me and is closely monitoring my progress. He is a perfectionist and his work shows for it! 🙂 I would recommend anyone interested in breast augmentation to go talk to Dr. Laverson. You won’t be disappointed!!

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