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You’ll dare to wear less

Tight, toned thighs are more comfortable and aesthetic. Sometimes, this can only be achieved by removing loose extra skin. 

Aging with constant mobility, life cycle weight fluctuations, and/or inherited skin features all contribute to loosening, wrinkling, and gravitational settling of long tubular well-shaped thighs.  Out of the closet come longer skirts and slacks and loose-fitting jeans. On goes the robe over swimsuits. An undeserved curse, fat seems to localize and accumulate as lumps, bumps, and offensive irregularities.  Diet and fitness help, but cannot change skin quality or quantity. Must unspoken self-deprecation, loss of confidence, and diminished feminine identity become a way of life?

Is there a way besides Photoshop and other graphic morphing apps to feel confident showing your thighs in miniskirts, short-shorts, and bikini bottoms?  Feel Beautiful Plastic Surgery in San Diego is one destination for thigh lift procedures and mini-thigh plasty.  These choices tighten thigh skin, thin thighs, and improve thigh appearance. You’ll dare to wear less.

What is a Thigh Lift, or “Thigh Plasty”?

HELP your reclusive thighs!

A thigh lift, also known as thighplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to lift, contour, and restore the youthful appearance of thigh skin. Fat can be removed, or re-located.  These procedures are customized for each individual, removing some excess skin and smoothing cellulite while creating the desired more appealing contours.

There are several different methods of performing a thigh lift:

  • Inner thigh lift tightens thigh skin on the inner thigh, down to between the knees.
  • Crescent thigh lift addresses both excess skin and upper inner thigh fat removal, for “thigh gap.”
  • Lateral thigh-buttock lift tightens outer thighs and buttocks skin and to some measure also the front of the thigh.

If there’s excessive thickness from fat on the thighs, liposuction may be added for more improvement and a more trim thigh contour.

Why Consider a Surgical Thigh Lift?

Surgical thigh reduction is not an alternative to weight loss. Although thigh fat removal may be a component of the procedure, thighplasty is often indicated for patients who are already at their ideal weight but desire tightening and smoothing of loose wrinkled thigh skin.  

Some reasons you may consider a thigh lift:

  • Loose, wrinkled, sagging skin on thighs due to aging, pregnancies, and / or weight loss
  • Sagging, dimpled, or flabby appearance of thighs
  • Excess soft tissue on the inner or outer thighs

Isn’t surgery drastic compared to non-surgical skin tightening?  NO, as long as your general health is good. Non-surgical treatments primarily preserve your existing appearance by preventing collagen disorganization and degeneration and by promoting collagen production.  Only thigh lift or thighplasty REMOVES the excess skin. Visible results from thighplasty are more dramatic, immediate, and offer life-long change.

What to Expect During Thigh Lift Surgery

If you’re considering thigh lift, meet with Dr. Laverson for a personal office consultation.  Explain what you want, your vision for your thigh shape and contour. He’ll listen to understand your situation, and if thigh lift may work for you, he’ll propose a treatment plan.  Thigh lifts are performed under general anesthesia in the safe, high-quality environment of our accredited Feel Beautiful ambulatory center in San Diego. The procedure lasts two to four hours and results last a lifetime.  

Thigh Fat Reduction

To minimize thigh lift scars after skin removal, Dr. Laverson closes in the most easy-to-conceal creases and interfaces between your thigh and groin, or along the inner and back thigh. Liposuction adds no scars.  After a thigh lift, high-quality compression garments are supplied, and our post-procedure skin management program helps control and obscure the resulting scars so hopefully, you’ll forget about them as time passes.  

Thigh Lift Recovery and Results

While everyone’s recovery is different, most women walk the day after surgery and resume non-strenuous activities of daily living seven to ten days after a thigh lift. Swelling resolves slowly over time.  Running, cycling, and other high mobility fitness is delayed until durable healing, usually a minimum of six weeks.

Feel Beautiful with a Thigh Lift in San Diego

At Feel Beautiful Aesthetic Wellness & Plastic Surgery, our philosophy is that everyone should be confident and comfortable with their body. If you want firmer, smoother, more contoured thighs, Dr. Laverson can help! For more information about thigh lift cost, eligibility, and your expected result, call Feel Beautiful Aesthetic Wellness & Plastic Surgery today at (858) 295-4001 and schedule your in-office consultation.

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