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If you’re embarrassed by excess fat on your upper arms, you may avoid wearing tank tops and dresses.

Perhaps you refrain from raising your arms in public or hide beneath sweaters and long sleeves, even in summer. If you’re among those who have tried everything to slim down your arms but haven’t had any luck even with a healthy diet and exercise routine, we’re happy to tell you that you don’t have to live with arm fat forever. Undergoing arm liposuction or an arm lift, also called Brachioplasty, can give you smaller, trimmer arms you feel good about showing off.

What is the difference between arm liposuction and an arm lift, or Brachioplasty?

Arm liposuction is a procedure that removes fat from the upper arms through small surgically created openings. The fat compartment is enlarged with anesthetic and saltwater. Then, fat is mobilized by loosening its attachment to surrounding tissue using a specialized thin sterile instrument. Once loosened, fat is suctioned out using a fine surgical tube, or “cannula.” Elastic arm skin shrinks down, leaving the arms more thin and trim. For patients who have sagging skin due to weight loss or age, the skin may not be so elastic and therefore may not shrink down after liposuction alone. Such people benefit more from removal of the loose skin along with extra arm fat. Arm liposuction alone for people with loose arm skin will cause extra skin to sag even more. In such cases, a combination of arm liposuction with Brachioplasty is recommended, or just Brachioplasty alone. Brachioplasty skillfully removes both fat and extra hanging skin. Remaining arm skin is repositioned more tightly around the arm for the trim, thin arms desired. Skin removal of Brachioplasty requires placement of a scar, usually located in an obscure location along the back of the inner arm.

What can I expect from an arm liposuction procedure (Brachioplasty)?

The arm reduction procedure lasts about two hours, during which time Dr. Laverson of San Diego Feel Beautiful will perform liposuction and an arm lift to naturally taper your arms. During liposuction, Dr. Laverson will gently and carefully insert a sterile cannula through the skin using small incisions. He will move the device back and forth to break up (mobilize) fat cells, and then suction them out of the body. Dr. Laverson skillfully places incisions in the most obscure areas for minimal scarring.

Dr. Laverson will then perform an arm lift to remove excess skin from the underside of the upper arms. Your arms will be marked in the mirror with your agreement, so you’ll know in advance exactly how the procedure is performed, and where your closure and your scars will be. The lines are along the length of the arm at the inflection between the inside and the back of the arms. Dr. Laverson tightens and reshapes supportive tissue with internal sutures. The skin is then smoothed over the new contour of the arms and closed with internal absorbable sutures. These do not need to be removed. Results of an arm reduction are visible almost immediately following the procedure, though swelling is expected, and persists for many months at a low level. Improvement to the contour of your arms is permanent, provided you maintain a steady weight and good general fitness.

What to expect from your arm lift recovery

After your arm lift, Dr. Laverson and his staff assist your recovery. Custom fitted elastic measured compression sleeves are

arm reduction surgery patient san diego

supplied from Design VeroniqueMedical Z, or another luxury specialty garment provider. You’ll have arm drains for a week or so, and will wear compression vest or sleeves for about two weeks. Then, scar management includes specialized skin tape with or without silicone scar pads to flatten and to soften your scars. It is recommended you apply tape for two to three months following your procedure. Return to athletic activity is not recommended until you feel safe and comfortable doing so, usually at least one month after arm lift and/or arm liposuction.

For best results, compliance with prescribed care and physician follow-up are highly recommended.

How much does an arm liposuction surgery procedure cost in San Diego?

The cost of an arm reduction procedure depends on whether it is liposuction alone or Brachioplasty, and how much skin and/or fat must be removed. According to 2018 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of an arm lift was $4,482, but this excludes anesthesia and surgery center expenses. You can also view our financing options here.

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