Dr. Laverson is an Asian Double Eyelid Specialist

Double Eyelid Surgery in San Diego

Are results natural? Yes

Eyes more open: Yes 
Caucasian looking: No
Duration of result: LIFETIME
Recovery: 1-2 weeks
(longer for swelling)
Price range: $3,500 – $5,500
Financing available? 
Yes, on approved credit
Satisfaction rate:

Asian Double eyelid surgery in San Diego

Your eyes are the lenses through which you gather precious information about the world, but they’re also primary features that silently communicate information about YOU.

Your mood, your awareness, objects of your attention, and emotional innuendo are indicated in your eyes.  Impressions about you are in great measure the appearance of your eyes.  If skin drapes down over your upper lashes, as it does for many Asian populations, surgically adding a crease above the lashes visually creates a “double eyelid,” maintaining your natural identity and a more wakeful energetic appearance.

How much does asian double eyelid surgery cost?

The cost for a double eyelid surgery varies based on several factors, including the type of procedure and if additional procedures are accomplished at the same time.  Double eyelid surgery is performed under local anesthesia.  Most often, price ranges between$3,500-$5,000. Medical insurance only covers double eyelid surgery in cases of severe visual impairment due to draping upper eyelid skin.  At Feel Beautiful Plastic Surgery in San Diego, financing is easy with approved credit. 

What are double eyelids?

The term “double eyelids” refers to upper eyelids visually separated into upper and lower segments by an attractive horizontally arched crease when the eye is open. Eyelids that do not crease are called “monolids.”  While both types of eyelids are natural and may be beautiful, some people with monolids choose to add an arch by the “double eyelid” procedure for the illusion of larger eyes, more open eyes, and a more wakeful and alert appearance.  Other explanations offered for reshaping upper eyelids from a single lid to a double lid include:

  • Eyelid skin draping down and interfering with vision
  • One side is a single and one side is a double eyelid and you desire symmetry
  • Desire for eyes to appear larger
  • Eyeliner and/or other desired cosmetics are easier with double lids


What is double eyelid surgery?

Double eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, is a type of eyelid procedure that creates a natural appearing permanent arched crease just above and parallel to the upper eyelashes  for a more open-eyed look. The procedure is individually adjusted to produce the desired result. At Feel Beautiful Plastic Surgery in San Diego, Dr. Steve Laverson has performed hundreds of double eyelid surgeries with an extremely high success rate.


What happens during double eyelid surgery?

There are two types of double eyelid surgery: incisional and non-incisional. Both types are outpatient procedures that require local anesthetic along with IV sedation or general anesthesia. It’s important to note that although double eyelid surgery is an outpatient procedure, the eyes are typically sensitive afterward, so you’ll need someone to drive you home.

The incisional procedure involves skin separation along a carefully measured and marked double eyelid line. The marked skin is removed, along with the orbicularis oculi muscle.  Beneath eyelid skin, fat draping down over the lashes may be lifted to rest upon the new horizontal eyelid arched crease.  Skin heals well after closure, and small sutures are removed four to five days afterward.

The non-incisional procedure is also called the “buried suture technique,” and it involves a series of tiny openings in the skin along a carefully measured and marked double eyelid line. Sutures passed through the openings are tightened until they form a crease. These sutures remain beneath the skin.  Because they create the arched crease, they are not removed. 

What is the recovery like for double eyelid surgery?

The recovery period for both incisional and non-incisional double eyelid surgery is rapid with return to work in days.  Tinted glasses are the norm for two to three weeks. Swelling may be dramatic for one to two weeks, then subsides over months.  Most are presentable at conversational distance in two to three weeks, maybe sooner if you’re distancing or working by videoconference. Cold compresses and specialized eyedrops and ophthalmic lubricating ointment are supplied by Dr. Laverson and help relieve dryness and irritation which are expected during recovery.

If you believe you may benefit from a more youthful, rejuvenated, open-eyed appearance, visit us at Feel Beautiful Plastic Surgery. Dr. Laverson is a double eyelid specialist with the skill, precision, and artistry you expect from a trained and experienced professional.  Your outward appearance should match your inner youth, energy, and allure. Schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Laverson at (858) 295-4001.

Patient Reviews

I came to Dr. Steve Laverson for a corrective Asian eyelid surgery. I was very unhappy with my original doctor and the outcome of my first surgery from 2009. The overall goal for this surgery is to make the Asian eyes bigger and more open. Being of a South Korean heritage my original eyes are very small and used to disappear when I smiled. After three years of being unhappy with my first surgery’s results, which was a crease but not larger eyes. I did my research and talked to four different doctors about how they would perform the surgery so I would have larger eyes. I choose Dr. Steve Laverson because I agreed with his strategy and his overall personality. I felt comfortable with him and I liked his reassurance of doing my eyes over if they were flawed. My first doctor only wanted more money for my revision. After doing the Asian eyelid surgery once I knew what to expect for healing and follow up care. What impressed me with Dr. Laverson was his accessibility. For example, every one heals differently and complication and infections seem to happen fairly often, since this was my fourth overall plastic surgery I’ve had. What makes a good doctor is their follow up and care to make sure you love their results. For his exceptional care and empathy is why I’m recommending him as a plastic surgeon. I love my new Asian eyes!!!
Elizabeth S.

Our double eyelid before and after pictures

Dr. Laverson is an Asian Double Eyelid Specialist

“Asian” eyelid procedures encompass many techniques with individualized goals to accommodate your situation and desired result.

Your appearance and your preferences determine your procedure.  Height of your upper eyelid crease above the lashes, length of the crease, shape of the eyes, and preservation or elimination of the epicanthal fold are matters discussed in advance with you.  Many patients bring photos of eyes they like.  Features you want are incorporated into the plan.   Upper eyelid changes are accomplished under local anesthesia in the office.  Lower eyelids, lips, and other areas may also be treated in the office if the change you want is small.   Depending on your presentation and your wishes, the result may be subtle, or dramatic. Complications and/or problems are rare.  Sometimes, imperfections are revised in a brief second office visit, usually at no extra charge.

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