Lip Injections, Fillers, and/or Lip Cosmetic Surgery

We are lip specialists.

We are lip specialists who perform temporary and permanent lip enhancements that many doctors don’t even know exist.

Are results natural? Yes

Lip Lift: Yes
Corner of lip lift: Yes 
V to Y or W plasty
Permanent lip augmentation: Yes
Permanent lip shape change: Yes
Filler into lips: Yes
Visible change: Guaranteed
Recovery: minimal
Price range: filler $700 – $1,200
Permanent procedures:
$2.500 – $9,000
Financing available? Yes
Satisfaction rate:

Lips whisper and kiss. Lips ask and tell. Lips communicate: Feelings, desire, ideas, and  intentions. Lips nourish, and lips love. Lips keep secrets, and lips tell all. Lips are beauty and sensuality.

Add fullness, seduction, youth, or passion to your lips

Treatment of your lips should be individualized because your situation and needs are unique.

Dr. Laverson artistically volumizes and/or shapes your lips, and can renew more youthful skin around the lips.  Lips may be enlarged, softenedlifted, reshaped, or restored so you appear more feminine, more pleasant, or more passionate.  Lips are important in your expression;  If lips are communicating inaccurate messages to others, we adjust them to more accurately reflect your emotions.  A smile, even if slight, makes you much more approachable.  Facial impressions can be adjusted with temporary fillers or more permanent augmentation, but surprisingly minor aesthetic office procedures.  Our contemporary techniques, surgical skill, high standards, and artistic vision are the difference.  Even subtle changes may produce dramatic result.

My experience and results were beyond expectations. I felt genuinely cared for from start to finish. It was difficult to consider this procedure but I knew I wanted it. I was never pressured, but with reassurance I was able to go through with it. And I am so very happy that I did. I literally look and feel happier now. His work is artistic genius. I am so thankful for Dr. Laverson and his staff. Thanks for doing such lovely work! I’ll be back when the next thing sags.
Lip Lift
I had my lips done at the same time as a lower bleph. In office, local ana. I am only 5 days out from surgery but I LOVE my lips! They are still swollen and a bit bruised but they look amazing. They are very stiff but I'm sure that will resolve itself. I got the large 5mm's. The procedure was a piece of cake and took about 1 hour.
Lip Implants
I have been ridiculed over my thin lips, since childhood. While i might not get the same directly mean comments I once did, the damage has been done and I've always wanted to fix them. Making a change to your face is such a big decision, i have been apprehensive about choosing a lip surgery for over the last decade as i had seen some girls with less than desireable results. I finally decided to grow some perverbial balls and just do it. Right now I'm one day post op and I'm still just so excited even with the swelling of my nose and lips. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I am overjoyed!
Lip Lift

Let’s Talk Lips!

We use Belotero®, Restylane®, Perlane®, Juvederm Ultra Plus®, Permalip® implants, and other off the shelf products for lip augmentation.  Office treatment is EASY FOR YOU! 

Aquamid® is an excellent alternative available in Europe, but not yet FDA approved.

We can also augment with Acellular Dermal Matrix or your own dermis and/or by fat transfer.  Which of these alternatives you choose depends on your preferences and situation.  Dr. Laverson has performed hundreds of lip shape changing procedures, including anguloplasty, extended anguloplasty, upper lip lift, V to Y and W plasties, internal lip lifts, and others.

Combination treatment for wrinkles around the lip vermilion may also include laser skin remodeling and other applications.

Lip FAQs

Yes, absolutely! We offer a range of treatments designed to enhance the appearance of the lips, and each treatment is customized to the individual patient, depending on their specific needs. We are able to restore volume to the lips and can also reshape the lips for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Our treatments include temporary fillers as well as more permanent augmentation procedures.

Lip fillers are used to add volume to the lips, as well as to improve their overall shape and definition. The products work by filling and plumping the lips. The formula is injected into the lips during a relatively painless in-office procedure. The procedure causes minimal discomfort, as Dr Laverson numbs the lips with an anesthetic before beginning the treatment.

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