Breast Augmentation Revision in San Diego

Breast Implant Revision Surgeon

Breast implants have come a long way since originally introduced in the 1960s

Modern implants are more durable and well designed than ever before

They’re available in more sizes, shapes, and styles for your unique needs and preferences.

Although modern implants are bio-compatible (not rejected by the body), they’re mechanical, non-biological devices.  They’re imperfect. A woman’s body adapts to implants, and implants conform to the space into which they’re placed. Sometimes, problems with implants develop.  These problems may occur early after augmentation, or after many years.  The woman’s breasts and body change over time.  Often, implants that were perfect at the beginning need replacement for one reason or another.

Common reasons for breast implant revision surgery:

  • Implant size too small or size too large (desired change in size)
  • Implants resting too high or too low (malposition)
  • Scar around implant causing it to change shape, change position, or feel firm (capsular contracture)
  • Drooping (sagging) of breast and/or implants after weight gain, weight loss, or pregnancy with or without nursing
  • Implant failure (rupture)
  • Visible rippling or wrinkling of implant edge (visibility)
  • Movement of implant and breast with chest muscle contraction (“animation”)

Breasts normally change during the adult woman’s life. Implants that fit perfectly at age 22 may be too large, too small, too low, or in some other way incompatible by age 45

Because the situation and needs of each woman are unique, Dr. Laverson approaches breast implant revision individually:

Existing problems or dissatisfaction must be significant enough to justify the cost and risk of revision surgery before proceeding.  If there is a minor problem but the result is overall very good or excellent, it may not be wise to revise because the secondary result may not be better.  If the implants are old, ruptured, firm, uncomfortable, and/or appear un-natural or not beautiful, it is probably worth revision and/or replacement.  Although good long lasting results can never be guaranteed, Dr. Laverson will not advise revision surgery unless he is confident that your result will be improved.

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A true artist! I had my first augmentation back in 2009, after two children and a benign tumor that needed to be removed, my breasts were no longer symmetrical. I had met with a few surgeons, but knew when I discussed what I wanted with Dr. Laverson and we were both on the same page, he was the one. He was extremely thorough and I never felt rushed in my consult. The day of my surgery was a very pleasant experience! This being my fourth surgery (2nd elective), having surgery in surgical centers and hospitals, I have to say arriving at their beautiful office and state of the art operating room was nothing short of amazing. Dr. Laverson was there when I walked in to greet me, his nurse got me comfortable and was extremely nurturing and informative throughout the entire process. The anesthesiologist was very thorough and made me feel as though I was in greats hands when I was put to sleep. Dr. Laverson is so caring, he came in the OR and held my hand as they were putting me to sleep. I can assure you, in all my other surgeries, the surgeon was no where to be found during this process. Dr. Laverson cares so much about his patient's comfort, this is something he certainly doesn't have to do, but just goes to show what kind of doctor he is. My outcome is unbelievable, my breasts look better than they did after my first surgery. This Dr. is not only an expert surgeon, he is an incredible human being! You won't find another surgeon who will truly treat you like you are his own family. He is a UNICORN!!!! I could not be happier with my experience with Dr. Laverson and his staff and highly recommend him!
Just had my revision with Dr. Laverson 800CC's and everything turned out amazing. I'm pretty speechless I don't think my results could have came out any better. I'm super thankful for his work. My husband and I are in love with his work. His definitely a master at what he does and I would recommend him for everyone!!!
Before the surgery, they were hard, misshaped and just plain ugly. Afterward, they were soft, in proper place and the scars were minimal after healing. Great results!!
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