We are Blepharoplasty specialists.

Eyes are windows to your soul, from which others measure you.

Keep them open, awake, youthful, and alluring!

Our artistic approach naturally enhances your features.  Your procedure is designed to achieve the look you want.

Natural results: Yes
Duration of result: LIFETIME 
Visible change: GUARANTEED
Recovery: 1–2 weeks
Upper Eyelids price: $7900
Upper and Lower Eyelids $32,500.  Sometimes cheek lift included
Financing available? Yes
(on approved credit)
Satisfaction rate:

Eyelid rejuvenation must be planned and performed to accommodate individual variation

Eyelids (Eyelid Lift / Cheek Lift / Blepharoplasty)

You are unique, and your situation special.  Eyelid rejuvenation must be planned and performed to accommodate individual variation.  First, Dr. Laverson will ask what bothers YOU about the eyelids.  Is it upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both upper and lower?  Adding a fold to the Asian upper eyelid must be planned to accomplish your desired result.  Length of the fold and location of the fold are individualized.  Rejuvenating caucasian upper and lower eyelids will promote your allure and beauty by restoring youthful attractive elements that harmonize with your other features.  Dr. Laverson considers your presenting appearance, skin type, desired result, available recovery time, eyelid function, and other factors.  Sagging upper eyelids, a tired expression, bulges, hollows, loose wrinkled skin, darkness of the lower eyelids, and other complaints are common.  A non-surgical approach may be preferred, especially for the young. Surgical correction is more dramatic and long lasting.

Upper eyelid improvement involves removing extra skin and lifting sagging upper eyelids that cause a fatigued expression.  Sometimes, upper eyelid shadows or a deep hollow are filled by repositioning fat beneath the eyebrows.

Lower eyelid rejuvenation is achieved by smoothing the contour between lower lashes and cheek by a combination of skin tightening, lifting, re-positioning bulging fat, and removing loose wrinkled skin. Darkness of the lower eyelids from shadows that trap light become lighter for a more vibrant and youthful appearance.  This is accomplished surgically by rearranging deeper soft tissue to reflect light.  When necessary, Dr. Laverson adds extra volume to the lower eyelid and upper cheek with a small, specially contoured, permanent (but removable if necessary) implant.

Sometimes appearance can be more important than talent or intelligence.

We are Blepharoplasty Specialists

Eyelid Questions & Answers with Dr. Laverson

Conventional upper eyelid blepharoplasty utilizes a crescent shaped incision located along the upper eyelid fold. Excessive skin and fat may be removed. Eyelids may be lifted and opened more if “bedroom eyes” are causing or contributing to a “sleepy” appearance.  For asian patients, type and location of the upper eyelid crease can be adjusted. Fat can be used to lighten shadows if the upper eyelid appears hollow. Other techniques can be applied as indicated.

There are multiple options for the lower eyelid. If you have mild skin excess or wrinkles, laser treatment tightens and smooths the skin.  Patients with significant skin excess benefit more from surgical removal, but DON’T BE SCARED, this is a common procedure, and the results can be a dramatic improvement! Through an opening just below the eyelashes, fat can be removed or rearranged to sculpt the desired result so your lower eyelids reflect light youthfully rather than absorbing it into a crease or hollow. Dr. Laverson elevates and repositions the aging, sagging cheek through the lower eyelid to a more youthful, attractive contour. Skin excess is trimmed and the resulting scar disappears along the eyelashes. Implants, fat grafting, biocompatible fillers, and other measures are incorporated as necessary for the best result.  Office revision procedures are occasionally necessary.

No. Eyelid (blepharoplasty) surgery affects skin and soft tissue of the eyelids, but should not affect ocular structures upon which contact lenses fit. Although you won’t apply contacts for two weeks or longer after surgery (to allow healing), blepharoplasty surgery doesn’t normally change how your contact lenses fit or function.

Your upper eyelids and brows should be evaluated together because their function and aesthetics are intimately related.  If low eyebrows have descended extra skin on the upper lid, lifting the brows is more appropriate relief than removing skin from the upper eyelids and leaving your brows low, especially if sagging brows cause a hostile, aged, angry, or tired appearance.  If you’re compensating by lifting your brows voluntarily to improve your vision, deep forehead creases develop over time.   If eyelid skin is removed instead of lifting descended brows, brow muscles may then relax, allowing skin to drape again over the upper eyelids, obscuring the upper eyelid surgical result.   This sequence is common, but is best avoided by recognition of brow sagging and treatment by brow lift or forehead lift.

Lower eyelid rejuvenation works by smoothing the contour between the lower lashes and the cheek through a combination of skin tightening, lifting, repositioning of fat bulges, and the removal of loose, wrinkled skin. In some cases, the deep soft tissues of the lower eyelids are rearranged to better reflect light for a more youthful appearance. If it is necessary, volume is added to the lower eyelid and upper cheek with small implants.

Dr. Steve Laverson is such a terrific plastic surgeon and person. My husband said he enjoyed just watching the precise care the doctor took with me before and after my surgery. After the surgery and the months following he always addressed any concerns even meeting me on a Saturday am just to evaluate or revise an issue, this is so important ( anyone reading all the reviews will learn that not all PS are so caring) as the recovery over months occurs and with time you WILL see more & more great results. He is so highly recommended & regarded by myself & my family and we are all impressed with his artistry, skill and attention to detail. I plan to have other work done by him in the near future.
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