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Labial Reduction and Re-Shaping

If you need labia reduced, re-shaped, trimmed, or otherwise revised for improved comfort, appearance, hygiene, or sexuality

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The inner labial folds of sensitive skin protect moist delicate important central perineal parts: your clitoris, your urethral opening, and your vaginal opening (introitus). Extra labial length and bulk beyond what is needed for protection becomes a distraction, uncomfortable, or unsightly, and may be removed.

Changes in dimension, proportion, and appearance of the labia and other vulvar features are desired for individual situations.  Discomfort, potential visibility, difficult hygiene, and confident sexuality are commonly offered justification for reduction of disproportionately large labia and other genital skin folds.

Labial Reduction (Labiaplasty)

Actual procedure photos below:

Long labia and/or bulky labia cause discomfort and/or may show, especially in tight fitting or minimal wear.

labiaplasty san diego labia reduction large labiaThere is wide variation of normal labial anatomy.  Excess labia may be irregularly shaped.  There may be more on one side or the other.  The excess may be concentrated in one part of the labia, either the front, the center, or much less commonly toward the back.




Labiaplasty symmetric labia reduction san diegoIn planning labiaplasty, differences between right and left sides must be considered.  Most women want symmetry between right and left sides.  If one side is larger or longer to begin with, that side will be reduced more than the smaller side.



labiaplasty san diego large labia labia reductionIf the excess is distributed along the entire length of the labia from front to back, a variation of the trim technique meets the needs of most women.  If excess skin is localized to one area, then modified wedge labiaplasty is preferred.


Labiaplasty Labia Reduction San Diego MarkingsEach labiaplasty procedure is individually designed and accomplished based on the woman’s presenting appearance, her complaints, and the result she desires.  Our very first part of the procedure is careful marking of labiaplasty skin to be removed.  Then, complete anesthesia is achieved so labiaplasty is very comfortable.  Although anxiety and fear surround labiaplasty for many women, it is usually an easy procedure and recovery.

vagina anatomy vulva anatomyExpert labiaplasty surgery requires skilled reduction and artistic, feminine re-shaping of the labia minora (“nymphae”).  The nymphae are soft, pliable, erectile, sensitive ridges of skin.  They partially cover and emerge from the glans clitoris in front, surround the urethral opening (“meatus”) and the vaginal introitus (entrance) centrally, and then become smaller toward the back, to reunite again as the “posterior fourchette.”  Labia minora skin folds have an outer dry side and distal edge with a roughened (rugated) surface and an inner side that becomes pink and moist toward its base.  The outer dry side is pink, or pigmented like surrounding skin.  Skin on the edge is often more darkly pigmented, and inner labial skin is more thin, delicate, and specialized, with glands for lubrication.  In front, labia minora divides into two folds, including the prepuce of the clitoris (clitoral hood) and the inner frenula, which unite in the midline at the clitoral base.  The back third of the labia minora (toward the posterior fourchette and perineum) gradually becomes more thin and shortened, sometimes to disappear completely into skin of the labia majora.

Labia minora skin folds protect sensitive and delicate central structures (clitoris, urethral opening, and vaginal entrance), maintain moisture of vestibular surfaces, and prevent fecal contamination of the genito-urinary tract.   Excess labia beyond what is needed for protection is unnecessary, and can be uncomfortable.  Surgical trimming, re-shaping, and re-arranging labial excess doesn’t interfere with sexual, reproductive, or excretory functions.  Innervation of remaining labial surfaces remains unchanged, provided surgical technique accommodates sensory function.  Vaginal and clitoral mediated orgasm is unaffected by labiaplasty and other superficial procedures of labia minora, labia majora, and clitoral hood.  Circulation of genital skin is abundant, which facilitates complication free healing.

I’ve had dentist appointments worse than that.

Shannon S. after labiaplasty in office

Vulvar and perineal structures support reproductive, sexual, excretory, and other functions. 

Many women want an improved appearance, even though their existing situation is normal. Athletic women, dancers, swimmers, and other competitors prefer a trim contour to fit performance gear better and minimize friction.  Hygiene may be simplified by the reduction of long, thick, irregular, or redundant hanging labii. Hair removal and small intimate wear expose more vulvar anatomy.  Reducing larger structures keeps them within bounds of clothing and balanced with the diminished amount of surrounding hair.  Confidence in genital appearance improves sexual experience of both men and women.  Thick skin over the clitoris in women who achieve clitoral based orgasm may delay or diminish the response. Some just want to eliminate self-awareness of hanging labia or a visible “camel toe” in form-fitting swimwear or body suits.

Because enlarged or bulky labia minora (nymphae) are usually variations of normal anatomy,  procedures to change the labia are considered cosmetic.

Labiaplasty was easy, and I’m much more comfortable. I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to do it.

Jennifer B, Carlsbad

Labiaplasty describes the procedure for changing shape and/or size of the labia.

Although standard techniques are described, Dr. Laverson individualizes his approach depending on your presentation and your desired result.  Most often, some variation of the “modified wedge” labiaplasty is chosen, but an individually designed sculpted trim is a good alternative depending on your pigment distribution, preferred result, and the shape of your labia.  Because each woman presents differently and has a particular idea of what she wants, like most plastic surgery procedures, labiaplasty is custom designed.

Dr. Laverson skillfully re-arranges tissue, matches skin folds, and preserves the softness of labia minora while removing excess bulk.

Your desired result will be demonstrated with a surgical marker so you’ll understand the proposed procedure in advance.  Sensation and function are ALWAYS preserved, and appearance is ALWAYS improved.  Unlike many surgeons, Dr. Laverson performs these procedures with optical magnification to achieve precision in every aspect of the result.  The modified wedge procedure we favor offers a trim feminine appearance with no visible scar and matches darker outer skin pigment with inner pink mucosal pigment border.    Sometimes, removal of more labia in a secondary procedure is necessary, but if so, it is a lesser and easier procedure for both doctor and patient than the initial labiaplasty, and is far preferable to over-reducing.

The final shape, more petite and aligned with the labia majora, is natural.

Visible scars, nodularity, irregularity, hypersensitivity, and deformity are avoided.  Pigment transition from darker outer skin to pink inner labial and vaginal surfaces are aligned imperceptibly.

Other requested vulvar aesthetic procedures include labia majora reduction or augmentation, laser hair removal, labial de-pigmenting, and liposuction of enlarged mons pubis or labia majora.

About the Labiaplasty Procedure:

Upon arrival in our office, before marking your skin, topical anesthesia numbs the treatment area.  After marking, local anesthesia offers complete comfort during your labiaplasty procedure.  Medication to help you relax further is also available if needed.  Besides improving appearance and comfort, Dr. Laverson accomplishes a durable repair, facilitating healing and early return to normal activity.  Apply a pad daily until there is no longer spotting (usually one week).  We recommend our post-labiaplasty care, and provide you with supplies.  This includes Dermoplast® 20% benzocaine anesthetic spray for pain relief, TUCKS® medicated (Witch Hazel) pads, and perineal spray wash for sensitive healing tissues to use at home after your procedure. We also prescribe mild narcotic analgesics (codeine, hydrocodone, or oxycodone with acetaminophen) to control discomfort, and antibiotic ointment to apply daily after gentle bathing. Trauma to the perineum should be avoided until pain and tenderness resolve, usually four to six weeks.

HYSQIA waterless intimate care products help you stay fresh and clean conveniently from your purse.  HYSQIA is the highest quality feminine application available at this time.

Beyond self-care, ThermiVA vulvo-vaginal RF (radiofrequency) is a pain-free non-hormonal office treatment for vaginal dryness, stress urinary incontinence, labial and vaginal laxity, and other peri-menopausal changes.  Many women describe improvements in sexual response after ThermiVA.

Several excellent links for information about women’s health are:
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  3. Center for Disease Control on Women’s Health
  4. WebMD Women’s Health Guide

Post Labiaplasty Kit will go home with you.

This is not a procedure that is without some level of embarrassment and reasons to doubt yourself, but I must say that not only did every single person in Dr. Laverson’s office make me feel completely comfortable and welcome, the results were amazing and Dr. Laverson's commitment to providing an excellent result is evident in the his work, post-operative care and follow-up appointments. I highly recommend Dr. Laverson!!
I feel so grateful I found Dr. Laverson. He is a PERFECTIONIST — he takes his job very seriously. He wanted my feedback throughout the consultation and procedure, to make sure I was getting what I want. Both Dr. Laverson and his staff are extremely professional and kind. So it's really the best of both worlds: a doctor who is a highly skilled surgeon who focuses on getting the results you want, PLUS a doctor who is kind, respectful, and makes you feel totally comfortable. I can't say enough about him. As far as the labiaplasty goes, it had been something that had bothered me for years! I didn't realize how popular, and affordable, the surgery is. The result was PERFECT. Dr. Laverson was extremely careful to create a beautiful result that ended my years of discomfort! Yes, the recovery for the first couple of weeks was extremely uncomfortable, but it's temporary. I am so happy I did it. If that area bothers you, get a consultation. It's free and you can see for yourself how awesome Dr. Laverson is! I couldn't imagine going to any other plastic surgeon, because I already found the best!!!
FINALLY! This has bugged me for years. Yes from the visual standpoint, but mostly the everyday annoyances of constantly adjusting my underwear, my labia sticking to the outer part of my vagina, my labia bulge in a bikini and then the discomfort during intercourse. I was fed up! I researched MANY doctors since June of this year and finally made my decision on Dr. Laverson in San Diego. WHY? It started with my dialogue with Cherise, the office manger. She was very informative, quick to respond to my questions and then when I finally went in for a consult she was very welcoming and made me extremely comfortable. The final deciding factor was how meticulous Dr. Laverson was even in the consult. His bedside manner is exceptional both prior and during surgery. Not to mention his nurse Courtany was beyond amazing! I will be keeping and posting pictures and updates as I heal so everyone can see the full process along the way. It's only been one day and although I'm very swollen, I am already excited I don't see extra skin hanging down, I can't wait or the final results!
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