How Much Does A Breast Augmentation Cost And Why Do Prices Vary So Much?

Well shaped and proportionately sized female breasts are visually and sensually alluring, an obvious asset for women who have them.  Because implants can offer what nature hasn’t endowed, it’s no surprise that breast augmentation remains the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States. Women considering breast implants often inquire first about cost of augmentation.  According to the 2019 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the national average surgeon fee for breast augmentation is $3947. While this may be true, out-of-pocket price is usually higher, between $7000 to $12,000—or more. 

So why is the price of breast augmentation widely variable? Several considerations: 


The price of breast augmentation in San Diego

The cost of a cosmetic procedure should be balanced with quality and longevity of the result to determine value of the procedure.  If the result is beautiful, outcome over a lifetime may be priceless by improved confidence, better social, personal, and professional relationships, and other intangible quality of life measures.  If the result is poor, then there may be no value, and in fact, the procedure may be a liability and any money paid was too much.  Covering embarrassing irregularities, deformities, asymmetries, and/or scars detracts from quality of life, and paying for breast implant surgical revisions and secondary corrective procedures is costly.  For breast augmentation and other aesthetic procedures, it’s best to shop for a surgeon with consistent outcomes that you like.  Price of the procedure is important, but secondary to quality.  Years after breast augmentation, women forget the price, but are still seeing and wearing the result.


Surgeons’ fees vary 

The 2019 ASPS report presented the national average surgeon’s fee, but that number varies widely. Geographic location impacts surgical fees.  Coastal metropolitan areas are usually more expensive because plastic surgery overhead costs (office real estate, staff salaries, supplies, materials, utilities) are higher, which results in increased fees for patients as well. Surgeons who are highly respected, awarded, and sought after for their expertise, or who have marketed a specialized surgical technique may demand higher fees than other surgeons in their region. 


Surgeon’s fee does not account for the whole cost

The surgeon’s fee is only part of the total cost for aesthetic procedures.  When you add the cost of anesthesia, the hourly rate of the anesthesiologist, operating room fees (which vary widely), preoperative medical tests, implant costs, prescriptions, compression garments, and other related expenses, the total cost of breast augmentation is substantially higher than the surgeon’s fee alone. 


Breast implants vary in cost 

Saline (salt water filled) breast implants cost less than silicone gel filled breast implants. In some cases, the surgeon includes the cost of the implants in their fee, and in other cases, it’s itemized separately from the surgeon’s fee. Promotion of “discounted” breast augmentation procedures are generally advertising a discount on only part of the total cost.  When expenses for the operating room, anesthesia, and implants are added, the total price may not be such a bargain.   


Additional procedures increase the cost

Many women have breast augmentation as an isolated procedure, and many others add procedures to further improve body contour. Common procedures combined with breast augmentation include: breast lift (“mastopexy”) to reshape sagging and deflated breasts; liposuction to remove fat bulges and smooth irregularities;  and tummy tuck (“abdominoplasty”) to slim and flatten the belly that has been stretched and loosened by one or more pregnancies. These additional procedures add to the total cost of surgery.  


You should be comfortable about all aspects of your breast augmentation procedure, including the cost. When you consult with surgeons, don’t be afraid to ask for specifics to have a clear idea of what’s included and what’s not included in the cost before you commit. If a surgeon is reluctant to reveal cost breakdown or other answers, continue shopping until you find a doctor who is sufficiently transparent in providing information you want to develop professional trust.


Financing for Breast Augmentation

If cost is an obstacle to women wanting breast augmentation, there are several possibilities for funding. Financing firms like CareCredit and Alphaeon specialize in funding surgical procedures.  Some patients prefer a lay-away plan to debt which most offices will accommodate. Supportive family members and friends are more than happy to help cover some of the cost as well. and other online sources have helped some women access support for their breast surgery. Creativity in accessing needed funds is part of how we at Feel Beautiful Plastic Surgery help women achieve their desired result and improved quality of life.


At Feel Beautiful, we’re committed to patient comfort and satisfaction

At Feel Beautiful Plastic Surgery in San Diego, we enjoy informing patients to properly adjust expectations. During your consultation, Dr. Laverson answers all questions honestly, listens to individual preferences and priorities, and explains alternatives so you can make educated choices about what will best help you achieve your desired result. 

Dr. Laverson has performed many breast implant surgeries, and he plans and executes each procedure with precision. A skilled and compassionate surgeon with an artist’s eye, Dr. Laverson offers superior care. For more information about breast augmentation at Feel Beautiful San Diego Cosmetic Clinic or to schedule a consultation, call our office at 858-295-4001

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