What Size Breast Implants are Best For Me?

Express yourself

The most important thing you can do to get the size implant you want is to express yourself clearly during consultation with Dr. Laverson.  The more he knows how you feel about proportion, cup size, upper breast fullness, projection, desired shape, cleavage, texture, and how you want your breasts to look and fit in clothing, the closer he will come to making you happy.

Your lifestyle is important in this decision too: Very large breast implants may be burdensome if you’re physically active.  Bringing pictures of breasts you like may be helpful.   Try being consistent in your description. Some women ask for a full C bra size, but show pictures of DD breasts.  These differences will be reconciled before your procedure as part of the consultation and planning process.

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Dr. Laverson’s approach to implant selection involves measurement of your body, examination of your skin characteristics, evaluation of your current breast size and shape, and understanding the size and shape you want your breasts to be.  Implant volume is a function of implant dimensions (height, width, projection=profile, and shape).  You will try implants that match your measurements in our three way mirror, and we will also simulate your result with your chosen implant profile using the Canfield H2 imaging system and our Digital Storm technology.

Your result will be simulated in 3D
You'll see your expected result with different implant sizes to help you choose.

The four factors considered when choosing implant size are:

Your desired bra size and other descriptives tell Dr. Laverson how large you want to be, and this affects the implant size chosen.

If a you are A cup and want to go to D cup, a larger implant will be required than if you are B cup and want a full C. The larger the breasts are before surgery, the smaller implant will be required to achieve the desired size.

It is easier to insert a large implant if breast skin is loose than if it is tight.  Skin characteristics are partly inherited and partly a result of breast life cycle changes.  Pregnancy, multiple births, nursing, aging, and weight fluctuations relax the breast skin envelope.

Breast-Implant-Profile-Projection-Breast-Augmentation-San-DiegoThe implant selected must match your breast width. Implants must be centrally positioned behind your nipple.  If the implant is not wide enough, it will not reach toward the center of your body.  An artificially appearing wide space between the right and left breasts (intermammary space) may result.  If your breast implant is too wide, it may cross the midline (symmastia), it may lower the bottom of your breast and encroach on the waist making you feel fat, and it may encroach over your sides (extra “side boob”) interfering with arm motion and stretching (or cutting) nerves to the nipple, diminishing nipple sensation.

Once breast width is measured on your chest, the next most important dimension, which you choose with Dr. Laverson, is breast implant projection, or profile.  The profile of the implant is its forward projection from your chest.  For every breast implant width (diameter), there are low profile, medium profile, high profile, and extra-high (ultra-high or full) profile (projections) to satisfy most women.

Low profile implants are more flat, pancake shaped. Higher profile implants are more spherical, or globular. Full profile implants project the most. During the breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Laverson offers several appropriate styles and sizes to try in an elastic bra, which simulates your silhouette.

The quality of your result depends upon how much of your breast is really you, and how much is implant.

— Steve Laverson, MD

Before breast augmentation, you select your implants from several possibilities you will try during at least two office visits before your procedure.

Dr. Laverson simulates your result both with Canfield H2 computer imaging and by trying implants on in the mirror.  Neither of these methods is perfect alone, but using both to help choose what size and implant type will work best for you has been proven very accurate.  Reviewing photos of breasts you like and “before and after” pictures of other breast augmentation patients also helps us understand your preferences and select the implants that will work best for you.  All of these methods combined contribute to our high level of patient satisfaction with final breast size, and mimimize the chance of unhappy surprises.

Women often ask for the most natural result, and Dr. Laverson wants the breasts to look, feel, and behave like real breasts. The size decision influences this. Implants are not biological but are synthetic mechanical devices. The quality of your result depends on how much of your breast is really you, and how much is implanted.   The larger your implant and the larger the percentage of your breast volume that is implant, the more your breasts will look, feel, and behave like implants. If 50% of your breast volume is an implant, this will produce a more natural result than if 90% of your breast is an implant.

Skin stretching and thinning under pressure from the implant, breast rippling or wrinkling, nipple numbness, and firm texture become more likely with larger implants.

Despite the imperfect nature of breast implants, most women can achieve very natural results even augmenting two to three cup sizes, depending on compliance of skin envelope and other factors. In the end, because it is your body and because you should be pleased with your result, Dr. Laverson will use implants that YOU choose, provided the choice is reasonable. Aesthetic judgment plays a role, and there are many different ideas about what constitutes beauty. It is Dr. Laverson’s preference not to treat the breasts in isolation, but to create harmony, balance, and proportion between your breasts, your face, your body, and your personality.   Like comfortable and classic fashions, they should fit you well, and flatter you.

One of the many good things about this procedure is how fast the operation is. I was in, and out of the operation room in about a few hours. I had been wanting them for years, and I never second guessed how much I wanted/needed them. Now I look at myself in the mirror wherever I go, and I now feel confident about myself!
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