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Feel Beautiful’s Dr. Steve Laverson is an experienced artistic nose (rhinoplasty) surgeon in San Diego (safe surgery and a beautiful nose).

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a “nose job,” is among the most challenging procedures for plastic surgeons. Beautiful results demand mature surgical judgment, years of experience, innate aesthetic sense, and masterful technique that few surgeons possess. Just review plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgeon web galleries in search of beautiful noses, and you’ll likely agree: They’re few and far between. Most “med-spas” and cosmetic medical service providers can only dream of providing the level of change and allure to their clients that accomplished rhinoplasty surgeons offer every day. At Feel Beautiful Rhinoplasty in San Diego, we understand that millimeters of change on the face, or by a great nose job can significantly improve your appearance, your confidence, and your life. Dr. Steve Laverson is passionate about helping you achieve the finest results, and thus the most value, from your cosmetic investment.

Rhinoplasty at Feel Beautiful Plastic Surgery

Because of its central position on the face, the shape and size of your nose contributes in great measure to your appearance. Subtle changes of nasal contour and relationships among parts of the nose may influence facial aesthetics dramatically. Rhinoplasty is a procedure that must be planned individually for every person, because every face is different, and every patient has different goals and expectations. These must be agreed upon between doctor and patient in advance. Ethnicity, ancestry, and genetics influence your nasal characteristics, and thus also influence the type of rhinoplasty you may want. For Caucasian women, lowering and narrowing the bone and cartilage of the nasal bridge is a common request. To keep the nasal tip in proportion with the smaller nasal bridge, tip cartilages are diminished in size. Tip cartilages are also shaped for delicate feminine angles. Because the human eye is sensitive to proportion, a smaller nose creates the illusion of larger eyes and lips, a change women also generally desire.

Dr. Laverson also commonly increases or decreases length of the nose and projection or prominence of the nose (how far forward the nose projects from the face). Asian, Hispanic, and African-American noses often appear more proportionate by increasing projection, while European and Middle-Eastern noses beg diminished projection. The top of the nose may be augmented with grafts. Nostril re-shaping is also a possibility, desired by men and women who feel their nostrils should be smaller and/or less visible.

Unique among surgeons, Dr. Laverson hand draws a simulation of your profile so you agree with him on your desired outcome in advance. That drawing is on a disinfected big screen in the operating room, along with your surgical plan and “before” photos to guide technical elements of your procedure, and to use as a reference in creating the result you visualize.

The two techniques for complete rhinoplasty are “open” and “closed.”   The “open” approach provides direct visualization of nasal structures so there’s no guessing by the surgeon where things are and how much to change. Incremental adjustments are implemented until the desired appearance is achieved   For exposure and the precision it offers, Dr. Steve Laverson prefers “open” rhinoplasty for the majority of men and women. Feel Beautiful Plastic Surgery performs rhinoplasty safely in a private, fully accredited, on-site surgical center under the gentle, vigilant, expert care of a senior board certified anesthesiologist. General anesthesia provides the necessary comfort and safety, so the rhinoplasty surgical experience is easy. The difference between open and closed rhinoplasty is that open technique allows direct visualization of the nasal structure and incremental adjustments until your desired appearance is achieved.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

Following rhinoplasty, you may experience mild discomfort and pain that is associated with almost all surgeries, but discomfort is treated with analgesics, and dissipates in days. A splint covers and protects the nose for seven to eight days after rhinoplasty.   A variable degree of bruising and swelling is also normal, but steadily resolves in one to three weeks.

Dr. Laverson most enjoys that joyful moment, and sometimes tearful, when the splint is removed, after all of the planning, the care, and the week of splinted curiosity, his patients see the nose they have wanted for years, planted right there in the middle of their beautiful face, forever to be, and as if it always were.   To make an appointment, or for more information on our rhinoplasty treatments, please click here.

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