Crooked Nose Rhinoplasty

Why can we recognize hundreds, if not thousands of unique faces although each and every one of them has similar anatomy, proportion, and features?  Recognizing individuals as parents, as people we know, or as people we’ve characterized mentally as friends or enemies has a survival advantage, and thus, the human eye differentiates and discriminates even the finest facial features, down to millimeters.   Facial recognition is remarkable among human beings. We’re so familiar with normal ranges of symmetry, proportion, and relationships that even minor irregularities may be obvious, a distraction, or an indication of abnormality. Because our nose projects from the facial surface, it is particularly vulnerable to trauma.  Such impact, when injury results, may heal with angular changes or deviations from the midline that distract from facial symmetry and create distortion from normally expected appearance. Even a mildly crooked nose may draw attention and be a source of despair for the bearer. Specialized rhinoplasty techniques may be incorporated to straighten the crooked nose, returning it to the midline for more natural symmetry. 

What is crooked nose rhinoplasty?

Crooked nose rhinoplasty is both a reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery procedure to straighten the nose by reshaping underlying supporting structures of bone and cartilage. Rhinoplasty to improve a crooked nose is a complex procedure, best performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who has a good aesthetic sense and significant rhinoplasty experience.  

Successful crooked nose surgery is typically by the open rhinoplasty approach.  Open rhinoplasty involves a small incision in the area of cartilage beneath the tip of the nose, between the nostrils. The skin is then lifted to expose underlying structures clearly. Open rhinoplasty facilitates evaluation of structures causing the nose to be crooked, and precise incremental adjustments to straighten crooked elements. read more 

How to fix a crooked nose

Improving symmetry of the nose and bringing structures to midline requires adjustment of all anatomy that contributes to the crooked appearance.  The specific operation depends on the injured and deviated structures. No nose job for a crooked nose is exactly the same as any other, because each person is unique and different. Bones or cartilage may have grown at different rates, or the person may have suffered an injury that caused the bones to shift and heal in a crooked position. A nasal valve collapse may have been caused by a previous nose job in San Diego, resulting in an asymmetrical nose. The specifics of each crooked nose rhinoplasty vary.  In some cases, the procedure involves repositioning the nasal septum (which divides the right and left nasal airways) to a more central position. This is called “septoplasty.” In other cases, repositioning of deviated bones may be required by surgically fracturing the bones and carefully centralizing their position for a straighter appearance. 

For collapsed internal nasal valves (nasal valves are narrowings in the nasal air passages that regulate air flow), cartilage grafts may be inserted to open the valves and to improve structure and symmetry of the crooked nose.   

What to expect from your crooked nose rhinoplasty procedure

Open rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia and takes two to four hours depending on surgical details. After the procedure, External and possibly internal splints stabilize repositioned parts of your nose during the first post-operative week. You’ll return to our office for splint and suture removal and to check the nose after one week.  Return to work is usually seven to ten days, but contact sports or activity with a chance of nasal impact should be postponed until six weeks after rhinoplasty. Swelling is normal, and resolves gradually over weeks to months. You will see visible changes and look normal in one to two weeks, but complete healing, contracture, and your final result unfold over one year or more.

Crooked nose tip after rhinoplasty 

During healing after your rhinoplasty procedure, you may notice that your nose tip appears a bit asymmetric.  This is quite normal, particularly if different parts of your nose are healing at different rates. For example, swelling in the bridge of your nose may subside sooner than swelling in the tip of your nose, causing temporary crookedness. As healing progresses in all parts of the nose, asymmetry often corrects itself within six months to a year. 

Permanent crookedness after rhinoplasty may be due to flexible cartilage warping, contracture of healing, asymmetry of bone location, differences in cartilage shape and position, or differences in skin thickness between right and left sides.  Such irregularities are typically not apparent before surgical swelling has completely subsided, so distortion noticed in the early months is usually due to swelling. Also, the normal human face is characterized by asymmetries. Perfect symmetry is not a reasonable nor worthwhile aesthetic goal.  The perfectly symmetric human face doesn’t appear beautiful or human at all, but more like a digitally generated image. If, however, residual crooked nasal elements become obvious to you and correction is desired, that revision is best accomplished at least one year after your rhinoplasty.   

Dr. Laverson ensures accurate alignment during surgery, and nasal splints maintain that alignment as bones fuse together and junctions at the edges of cartilage stabilize. After splint removal, unless your nose is injured, symmetry persists during healing.

Crooked nose rhinoplasty at Feel Beautiful in San Diego

Whether you were born with a crooked nose, suffered an injury that left your nose crooked, or your crooked nose is the result of an old nose job, Dr. Laverson may be able to help you. During your rhinoplasty consultation, he’ll understand what you wish to change and your desired result.  You’ll be examined, and a plan developed to straighten your nose and improve its appearance toward your vision. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Laverson who is a rhinoplasty specialist in San Diego.

See our rhinoplasty before and after pictures, and call to schedule consultation in our conveniently located San Diego office!

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