How A Mommy Makeover Can Do Wonders for Your Appearance

Mommy Makeovers are something of specialty procedure for us here at Feel Beautiful

We are thrilled to be able to offer the treatment to moms in San Diego who could use a little lift after having one or more children. Before even considering treatment, it is recommended that you choose an expert surgeon for your surgery and Dr. Steve Laverson is among the best.  A Mommy Makeover is essentially a combination of procedures that together, can vastly improve a woman’s shape after pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing.

It is part of nature’s process that women are designed to give birth.  Changes occur in the body as a result of this experience. Women birthing large babies, multiple babies, or twins may especially notice their body not returning to its pre-pregnancy state.  Mommy Makeover helps with the five B’s of childbearing:  breasts, belly, body weight, bulges, and birth canal.

What can happen during pregnancy?

The effects of pregnancy on a woman’s physiology are profound.   Many are mediated by hormones, estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, relaxin, and others.  Although hormone levels return to normal after pregnancy, accumulated fat, stretched skin, loose connective tissue, extra stored fat, and other changes may not return to normal.  Pregnancy increases breast gland volume and breast skin surface area.  Energy storage compartments containing fat are enlarged and the abdominal wall (connective tissue, muscle, skin) is stretched to accommodate the baby. It’s possible that a woman’s metabolism may permanently change, and it’s often more difficult to lose weight after giving birth, as many Moms know. Even if you manage to lose all the weight gained during pregnancy, the stretched skin may remain loose and sag.  Vaginal walls and labial tissue also may stretch irreversibly and sag gravitationally after parturition.

Many women easily and naturally restore their pre-childbirth body.  For others, it may never happen. Moms should not necessarily sacrifice their youthful feminine features unless they want to.   Mommy Makeovers can be very gratifying.  Common combinations are breast augmentation and/or breast fit, tummy tuck, liposuction, labiaplasty, and a 10x diet program.  Some women, especially older Moms, add facial procedures such as rhinoplasty or anti-aging treatments let’s have a look at some of what makes a great mommy makeover.

Breast Augmentation and Breast Lifts

There is an abundance of options for breast augmentation. But it is our belief that the term ‘augmentation’ doesn’t fully encompass what we do here and so we prefer the word ‘enhancement’. We beautify breasts by shaping their size, proportion and creating alluring contours that fulfill your expectations and desires. Dr. Steve Laverson will guide you through the process but ultimately, it’ll be you who decides what implant you’ll receive and how you would like them to look following your surgery.

Your procedure will take into consideration your unique needs and situation and accommodate your preferences and lifestyle, too. A breast lift or mastopexy is a surgical technique used to lift sagging breasts into a higher, more youthful position and can play a pivotal role in a successful Mommy Makeover. It can shape and round your breast a give it a fullness where previously there may have been little or none. This procedure removes excess skin from the lower breast surface and tightens the remaining skin surrounding the breast gland. Dr. Laverson offers a range of breast lift procedures and will only ever recommend a treatment that is in your best interest.

Tummy Tucks Or ‘Abdominoplasty’

Nobody loves providing a world-class tummy tuck quite like Dr. Laverson and the results of his patients go a long way to proving just how passionate he is about exceeding their expectations. Tummy tucks improve the tightness and shape of the abdomen after pregnancy and aging by narrowing your waist, removing loose abdominal skin and excess fat and remodeling the surface contour to appear youthful and fit.

It isn’t a weight loss procedure, but rather a shaping and toning treatment. The stretching of the deep tissue and skin following pregnancy in your late 30’s and 40’s isn’t always able to be restored simply by diet and exercise and a tummy tuck could be the only route to a pre-pregnancy you want.

To find out more about our Mommy Makeover in San Diego Procedures, or to make an appointment with us.

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