Fat Removal & Fat Reduction Questions + Answers

There’s something so empowering and satisfying about feeding your body healthy food and sculpting it with exercise.  But sometimes, no matter how many crunches you do or how many donuts you pass up, little pockets of fat refuse to budge. The frustration is real.   Fortunately, you don’t have to resign yourself to making friends with those fatty little bulges. At Feel Beautiful, we can help you reduce them by easy and direct fat removal.  

Take a look below at our frequently asked questions about this innovative, fat-reduction procedure.  

How Does Fat Removal Work?

Fat removal / fat reduction (liposuction / liposculpture) is a non-invasive body-contouring procedure that helps reduce stubborn bulges and pockets of fat that won’t respond to diet or exercise.  Also known as liposculpture or liposuction, the procedure removes fat cells by sucking them out of your body forever. In the months following treatment, the body gradually shrinks as mild swelling resolves.  Treatment may reduce waist and thighs, contour hips and flanks, and permanently improve your body shape and proportions.   

Which Parts of the Body Does Fat Removal Work on?

Fat removal is effective in the reduction of fat bulges in the following parts of the body:

  • Belly
  • Love Handles
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Back
  • Upper Arms
  • Under the Chin
  • Under the Jaw

What Can I Expect During the Fat Removal Procedure?

During fat removal, vacuum pressure withdraws the unwanted volume of fat out of your body painlessly.  If performed under local anesthesia, you may experience sensations of tugging, pulling, and pressure in the treatment area.  You can lie back and relax while the procedure does the work of removing your fat cells. If under general anesthesia, you’ll awake and the procedure will be finished.

The length of time it takes to perform a fat removal / reduction procedure depends on the size of the treatment area. For a smaller area such as under the chin, the treatment can take about one hour. For a larger area such as the thighs, you can expect it to take longer. When you come to Feel Beautiful for your consultation, we’ll examine your areas of concern, discuss your vision and desired shape, and explain what you should expect for your treatment time, cost, and results.

Does Fat Removal / Fat Reduction Hurt?

The non-invasive closed nature of fat removal makes it much more comfortable than open fat-removal. You may experience some discomfort after the procedure. Aches and numbness are experienced to some degree by most individuals, but these effects typically only last for a few weeks to months.  Return to work within days, and return to strenuous exercise usually two or more weeks.

How Long Does Fat Removal / Fat Reduction Last?

It takes about three to nine months to see the full results of a fat removal treatment, but once the fat cells are eliminated, they cannot come back.  Ever. So as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, the treatment area will retain its sculpted contour. 

Is Fat Removal / Fat Reduction Safe?  Is it Effective?

Liposuction / Liposculpture is very safe.  Fewer than one percent of fat removal / fat reduction patients experience any complications with the procedure.  When complications happen, they’re usually minor, and often treatable.

Fat removal / fat reduction is also highly effective.  Non-invasive fat reduction techniques such as Radiofrequency, Cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting) and Ulthera (ultrasound) are much less effective than fat removal / fat reduction.  Because those non-invasive techniques do not visibly remove fat from your body, no reduction in your body size or change in shape can be guaranteed, as it can with fat removal / fat reduction.  

Who is a Good Candidate for Fat Removal / Fat Reduction?

  • Maintains a healthy diet and exercise routine 
  • Is near their target weight
  • Has enough fat to grab and pinch
  • Is not pregnant during treatment
  • Has realistic expectations about the procedure

It’s important to remember that fat removal / fat reduction is a targeted fat-loss procedure, not a method of whole-body weight loss. See here if you’re a good candidate for liposuction

How Much Does Fat Removal / Fat Reduction Cost?

The cost of a fat removal treatment depends on the size and number of areas treated. Most people opt to customize their fat removal treatment to address more than one target area at a time. Typically, you can expect to pay $2000 to $8000 for a customized fat removal treatment. At Feel Beautiful, we’ll quote a specific number during your consultation.  And we’ll provide you with financing options at that time as well. 

Visit Feel Beautiful Aesthetic Wellness and Plastic Surgery in San Diego Today

You deserve to look and feel your best. At Feel Beautiful, we offer a number of body-contouring services, and fat removal / fat reduction is among our most popular. If you’re looking for an easy highly effective fat-reduction procedure to help you get rid of stubborn bulges, fat removal might be right for you! Call 858-295-4001 for a free consultation or book online here, and we’ll design a treatment plan that shapes your body and helps boost your confidence in a way that beautiful body contours can. 

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