Cat Eye Facelift

Eyeliner, lashes, colored contact lenses, tilted eyeglass frames, brow shaping, and other accessorizing may create or amplify attractive eyes.  If that is not enough and you want the real thing, plastic surgical techniques may offer the alluring features you wish for: wider open eyes, eyes tilted from a lower inner corner (canthus) to higher outer corner (outer, or lateral canthus), an upper eyelid arch that peaks at or just lateral to the pupil in forward gaze, and brows that tilt from lower inner to higher outer. 

What is a cat eye lift?

The cat eye lift, also known as the fox eye lift, is a cosmetic procedure that widens the eyes and lifts the brow, resulting in a seductive, almost feline appearance. By creating a subtle wing effect at the upper outer corners, Dr Laverson can modify the shape of your eyes. The corner of the eye, where the upper and lower eyelids meet is called the canthus. The inner corner is known as the “medial canthus” and the outer corner is referred to as the “lateral canthus.” Also known as a “canthoplasty,” cat eye plastic surgery involves lifting and repositioning the lateral canthus, giving the eye an elongated, almond shape.  The upper eyelid shape can be changed by levator advancement or adjustment, and brow shape can be changed by browlift or “foreheadplasty.”

Cat eye lift surgery San Diego

Cat eye lift surgery may  permanently enhance eye shape and feminize or sensualize your appearance. 

The first step in your canthoplasty is personal consultation at Feel Beautiful Plastic Surgery, either virtual or at our San Diego office. Dr. Laverson will examine your eye shape and evaluate the condition of the skin and muscle around it. He’ll design an eye shape based on your goals and preferences as well as the symmetry and proportion of your other facial features. His pursuit is to reshape your eyes and adjust associated facial features to your specifications with preservation of  naturally beautiful facial harmony for the most attractive and longest lasting results. 

Canthoplasty is an outpatient procedure that involves a small incision made in the eyelid’s natural crease at the outer corner. This location is ideal because it helps to minimize scarring. During the procedure, Dr. Laverson detaches and re-positions upward the outer corner of your eyelids (the lateral canthal tendon attachment to lower eyelid tarsal plate) that connects the eyelid to your orbital bones. Dr. Laverson performs “Piezo” canthopexy, which involves suture fixation of the outer lower eyelid to orbital bone at the site of small Piezo openings created in the bone for passage of suture.  The outer corner of the lower eyelid tilts permanently upward. An additional Piezo opening in the bone is for lifting of the cheek (cheek lift) to create a more youthful facial shape.  Once  surgery is completed, incisions are closed with fine stitches and relaxing for several days with head elevated on pillows is recommended to minimize swelling and to promote healing. 

Recovery from cat eye lift surgery takes about 2-4 weeks, though discomfort, swelling, and bruising typically subside within 7-10 days. Transient changes in vision occasionally persist longer than expected after surgery, but eventually resolve. Dr. Laverson provides post-procedure instructions to promote healing and is always available to help manage problems. 

Canthoplasty vs Blepharoplasty

Canthoplasty and blepharoplasty are both cosmetic surgeries that open up the eye for a more attractive appearance, but they differ in significant ways.  Canthoplasty lifts the lid and blepharoplasty removes excess skin. Canthoplasty is chosen by patients who want to change the shape of their eyes, and in doing so, it does correct some drooping, but it may not be sufficient for achieving optimum results in people with severe drooping of excess skin. Blepharoplasty is a procedure that involves the removal of the excess skin and lifting the sagging upper lids. The two procedures are often used in combination to achieve a youthful appearance and stunning eye shape. 

Cat eye lift surgery in San Diego | Feel Beautiful 

Your eyes are delicate, and if you’re considering canthoplasty, it’s crucial that you choose a surgeon at the top of his field. If you come to Feel Beautiful for your cat eye lift, you can rest assured knowing that you’re in the very capable hands of Dr. Laverson, one of the best San Diego plastic surgeons who is known for his skill, precision, and artistry as well as his dedication to his patients. For more information about cat eye lift or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Laverson, give us a call at (858)295-4001 today. 

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