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Best Incision for a Breast Implant

Breast augmentation with implants is a popular and safe way for women to achieve or restore their sexy, alluring figure. Once the initial decision has been made to augment the breasts with implants, a number of other decisions must also be made along the way. These decisions include: size of implant, type of implant (silicone or saline), textured or smooth implant, the positioning of the implant behind or in front of the chest muscle, and the type of incision for the implant placement. Of course, when you come to Feel Beautiful for your breast augmentation procedure, all of these decisions will be made with the guidance of Dr. Steve Laverson, one of the most highly regarded plastic surgeons in Southern California.
Although many women come to us with some idea of the size or type of implant they’re looking for, when it comes to the implant incision, most defer to Dr. Laverson’s expertise. At Feel Beautiful, however, we’re committed to patient education, and we believe that the better you understand your options, the more comfortable and confident you’ll feel throughout the process. The best incision for a breast implant depends on the specific factors of each patient’s case, including their chosen implant size and type as well as their unique anatomy. The ultimate goal of breast augmentation is fuller breasts for a more attractive appearance, and Dr. Laverson will take the time to discuss your particular treatment plan in detail, but in the meantime, here’s a brief overview.


Best implant incisions

There are four distinct incision placements for breast augmentation: the base of the breast (inframammary), the edge of the areola (periareolar), the armpit (trans-axillary), and the belly button (umbilical). While each has their benefits, some have more disadvantages than others. The potential complications associated with the trans-axillary and the umbilical incisions make them the least common choice for surgeons and most patients as well. Typically, the most commonly preferred and complication-free implant incisions are:

Inframammary incision – Also called the “crease incision,” this opening is made at the inframammary fold, the crease under the breast. Dr. Laverson makes the small incision and then creates a pocket for the implant. The implant is slid upward through the incision, and placed according to the treatment plan either inside the breast or beneath the pectoral muscle.  Once the implant is placed and centered, the incision is sutured and closed. Advantages of the inframammary incision include:

  • Proximity to the breast allows surgeon greater control in placing implant
  • Scar is hidden by natural crease of the breast, or beneath the bra or bikini
  • Lowest complication rate of other incision placements
  • No effect on nipple sensation
  • Will not interfere with ability to breastfeed
  • Can accommodate silicone and saline breast implants

Another benefit of the inframammary incision is that it can be reused for subsequent breast surgeries, such as the replacement of an implant, eliminating any further scarring.

Periareolar incision – The periareolar implant placement involves an incision around the edge of the areola, where the darker edge of the nipple meets the lighter breast skin. This opening is usually created around the curve of the lower semi-circle of the areola, though it can go all the way around the edge of the nipple (“areolar incision”). After the incision is made, a pocket is created for the implant, either inside the breast or beneath the pectoral muscle.  The implant is placed into the pocket and centered before the incision is sutured closed. Advantages of the periareolar incision include:

  • Proximity to breast allows surgeon greater control when placing the implant
  • Natural pigment of the areola camouflages scar well
  • Can accommodate silicone and saline breast implants

Like the inframammary incision, the periareolar incision can also be used for subsequent breast surgeries. It does, however, have a higher likelihood of changing nipple sensation and damaging milk ducts, which can interfere with breastfeeding.  

The only “right” choice is the one that works for you, your body, your preferences, your activity level, whether you plan to breastfeed, and other factors. Whichever implant incision you choose, you can rest assured that Dr. Laverson is committed to giving you the full, sexy breasts you desire. 


Beautiful breasts and renewed femininity at Feel Beautiful

Dr. Steve Laverson is a breast augmentation specialist, and he understands the importance of beautiful proportions, symmetry between right and left breasts, soft texture, and invisible scars. Through slow, methodical surgical precision, he uses specialized techniques designed to ensure optimal nipple sensation and prevent implant-related rippling and wrinkling. Additionally, Dr. Laverson has a deep respect for individual patients, their dreams, and their right to feel great about the way they look. If you’re looking for high-quality breast augmentation with a surgeon who is committed to patient education, comfort, and satisfaction, call (858) 295-4001 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Laverson today.  

Dr. Laverson’s plastic surgery center provides the highest level of experience, professionalism, and care for patients from Carlsbad, Del Mar, Oceanside, and Encinitas, San Diego County CA.

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