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Open Vs. Closed Rhinoplasty

If you’ve decided to get a nose job to correct imperfections, improve your breathing, or achieve more pleasing facial harmony, you may have already done some preliminary research about the different types of nose jobs. And if so, chances are you’ve come across references to open vs closed rhinoplasty procedures. Both nose job techniques have their advantages and disadvantages, but Dr. Laverson and countless other surgeons prefer the open rhinoplasty. Here’s why: 


What is open rhinoplasty?


Open rhinoplasty refers to a surgical procedure that involves an incision in the columella (the underside of the nose between the nostrils), allowing Dr. Laversom to lift back the skin for optimum visualization of the nasal structures. One of the greatest advantages of this method is that it provides maximum exposure and easy accessibility to the underlying anatomy of the nose. This, in turn, leads to greater accuracy and precision with the intricate surgical techniques required to correct breathing irregularities and achieve the desired contours for a more aesthetically pleasing facial harmony. The open rhinoplasty is typically favored by surgeons because it maximizes cartilage preservation and structural integrity while allowing for more precise modification and shaping.


What is closed rhinoplasty?


During a closed rhinoplasty, the surgeon creates incisions within the nostrils without exposing the full structure of the nose. Although this procedure is less invasive than the open rhinoplasty, has a shorter recovery time, and results in no visible scarring, the narrow surgical openings limit visibility and make the more intricate work of rhinoplasty difficult. There are, however, times when only simple changes are needed to address cosmetic or functional issues, making a closed rhinoplasty the preferred method. 


Why open rhinoplasty is usually preferred


As mentioned above, there are a couple of key differences between the open rhinoplasty and the closed rhinoplasty: visibility and accessibility.  While closed rhinoplasty does offer a shorter recovery time and no scarring, the advantages of open rhinoplasty often outweigh those benefits. While Dr. Laverson certainly can and does perform closed rhinoplasty procedures when appropriate, he prefers the open rhinoplasty, particularly when:


  • The patient’s nasal structure has been compromised by a previous nose job 
  • Several different corrections are needed for best results
  • Both functional and cosmetic issues are being addressed
  • A more extensive cartilage graft is needed
  • Adjustments are needed in the nose tip 
  • Precise modifications and shaping are desired


When it comes to rhinoplasty, precision is of the utmost importance.  The open rhinoplasty allows Dr. Laverson maximum visibility and easy access to the nasal structures. Under these ideal conditions, greater precision and accuracy are achieved. The closed rhinoplasty limits the changes the surgeon is able to make, and although invisible externally, the incisions involved can compromise the structure of the nose. Simple procedures that do not involve any adjustment to the tip of the nose are sometimes best treated with closed rhinoplasty, but more often, the open rhinoplasty is the best choice for optimizing both aesthetics and function. 

Although most patients express concern over visible scarring with the open rhinoplasty, Dr. Laverson’s surgical techniques and decades of experience result in the tiniest of barely visible scars that typically disappear over time. 


Beautiful nose, beautiful you


At Feel Beautiful, you’re in the hands of one of San Diego’s top plastic surgeons. When you come in for your nose job consultation, Dr. Laverson will evaluate your nasal structure, listen to your concerns, and educate you about your options. He’ll make recommendations based on your nasal and facial anatomy as well as your desired outcomes. Dr. Laverson and the rest of our staff at Feel Beautiful want you to look and feel your best, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure that you do. If you’re ready to enhance your facial harmony with a new nose, or if you need revision rhinoplasty to correct a previous nose job, give us a call at (858) 295-4001 to schedule a rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Laverson today. 

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