Features of Youth, Energy, and Splendor (Without Surgery)

Beauty Pays Hamermesh

Beauty Pays Hamermesh Book CoverAn effective anti-aging plan offers tangible value.  We’ll simplify it for you.

Visible wear and tear, a fatigued appearance, and correctable imperfections negatively impact you and entities you represent.  Invest in your presentation with personalized upgrades in our Encinitas office.  Superior medical grade skin care is a good beginning.  After consultation, we may recommend applications to smooth and remove creases, adjust facial shape,  light energy treatments to brighten skin, soften wrinkles, and correct irregularities, skin tightening, liposculpture, or another prescription.  These are quick, comfortable, affordable office treatments involving little or no recovery time. Recommendations depend on your special situation.

non-surgical-facelift-San-Diego.jpgDr. Laverson is skilled at maintaining youthful features with regular supportive care. These measures are NOT TRANSFORMATION like surgery, but are instead  PRESERVATION: preventive care to avoid progressive decline.   Injections offer instant results, without recovery time.  Chemical Peels or laser treatments, depending on their strength, may require several days of healing.   Thermi-RF® Skin Tightening, and other facial rejuvenation applications may require several sessions, spaced weeks apart.  Often, a gradual approach over time is preferred to avoid dramatic instant rejuvenation, which is more noticeable to others.  Products we use include Dysport®, Botox®, Restylane®, Perlane®, Juvederm®, Belotero Balance®Radiesse®, Prevelle®, Sculptra®, Expression®, Alloderm®, and your own (autologous) tissue for fat, dermis, or fascia grafting.  The injection procedure is EASY FOR YOU !

Our laser platforms produce visible results, generating multiple wavelengths for a broad range of applications. Carbon Dioxide laser treatment is adjusted in intensity to smooth and tighten skin.  Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and/or other chemical peels to remove dark pigment spots and glow your skin, the amazing IRIDEX Varilite® laser for spider veins, leg veins, fine vessels, and red spots, long lasting Laser Hair Reduction-Removal from face and/or body, the most powerful Anti-Acne topicals available, both prescription and non-prescription, highly effective Photo-dynamic Acne Therapy, award winning Thermi-RF® skin tightening, Ellman Radiosurgery ablation of skin lesions, sclerotherapy for spider veins, and more.   We are well equipped and experienced in micro-liposuction of small bulges, and fat grafting to fill hollows or augment soft tissue.  We have safely and effectively treated all areas of the body covered by skin, including scalp, face, neck, chest, back, arms, hands, abdomen, thighs, legs, and genitalia.

Because your priorities, problems, and preferences are unique, and because of the vast array of treatments available, evaluation and managment of your aging should be customized for your situation.  At Feel Beautiful, we have many capabilities.  Our approach is individual, and incremental:  After listening to you and learning about you, we plan your treatment(s), evaluate your response, and adjust as necessary.  Restoration is often gradual, and thus invisible to others.  Over time, amazingly,  facial aging reverses, and you appear younger rather than older!

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Links Explaining Your Non-Surgical Choices:

Neuromodulators:  Injected to relax facial muscles that wrinkle skin

Anti-Aging Treatments, wrinkle reduction

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Commercial Soft Tissue Fillers: Injected beneath wrinkles, creases, depressions, and scars to fill them and smooth the skin surface.  Also used to plump lips and fill hollows of aging.

Juvederm_VolumaXC-san-diego-filler-longer-lasting-new Radiesse Logo Sculptra-San-Diego-filler-encinitas Belotero-San-Diego-Belotero-facial-filler

Autogenous (from your own body) Soft Tissue Fillers:

In many situations, your own tissue may be preferable to commercially available fillers.  Fat, connective tissue, and cartilage from another location on your body can be transferred as a graft or flap to augment a deficiency or fill a hollow or defect.  This is plastic surgery, and the most classic technique for contour restoration.  Advantages of your own tissue may be longevity, quality of the result, texture, and/or expected appearance.  Selection of the best method of solving an aesthetic problem is discussed in advance during consultation with Dr. Steve Laverson.  Dr. Laverson offers fat grafting using specialized procedures that purify the stem cell fraction to maximize the quality of your result.

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