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Smooth fine wrinkles and lighten pigment on your face, neck, chest, or hands

For fine wrinkles and melasma pigment spots on face, neck, chest, or hands, dark spots, tan or brown aging and/or sun spots, our Prescription Strength Melasma Miracle Night Cream is GOLD.

Our prescription strength GOLD melasma miracle, formulated by Dr. Laverson, is more powerful and effective than most other prescription combination bleaching creams.

It’s GOLD in color, and potent compared to other anti-aging and lightening creams available over the counter and/or in other physician offices. Users call or visit from everywhere for this “must have” night cream.  We ship overnight because refrigeration is recommended.  The GOLD normalizes skin maturation, equalizes skin pigment distribution, improves skin texture,  and increases the quantity of important dermal proteins such as collagen and perhaps elastin.  Applying a small quantity of the GOLD to fine wrinkles and/or pigment spots smooths the skin surface over time and fades darkened skin to blend with your surrounding complexion.  It’s true anti-aging you’ll see with your very own eyes.  Pharmaceutical ingredients in The GOLD penetrate bio-machinery of your skin surface to create and maintain younger looking skin.  Because it’s a prescription, The GOLD comes with access to our 24 hour help-line and written instructions.  A visit to our Sorrento Valley San Diego office for free informal consultation is recommended before getting started.  Online consultation may substitute if necessary.  Regular examination of your skin surface by a physician is advised.  Any and all areas of skin pigmentation or surface growth should be evaluated by a physician.

Real Users Talk About "the GOLD" Skin Bleaching and Anti-Aging Treatment

If you’re looking for a dark spot corrector product that truly works to remove all types of skin blemishes, please go see Dr. Steve Laverson for the “Gold” cream. I had tried all expensive products known and discovered that the “Gold” cream clears up dark spots (age spots/sun spots), acne and acne blemishes in as little as 3 days. I’ve noticed 99% the dark spots have vanished all over my face. I totally got my teenage skin back… The “Gold” cream is absolutely amazing!

GOLD melasma miracle prescription skin care

(Retinoic Acid (all trans, tretinoin) 0.1% cream plus 8% hydroquinone and dexamethasone / betamethasone)

The GOLD melasma treatment normalizes skin maturation, pigment distribution, decreases melanin production by the skin, and increases collagen and elastin production by the skin. It may delay or prevent the development of skin cancer. In the gel form or as Retin A® micro™, it is a potent anti-acne medication. On adult skin, daily use will create and maintain younger looking skin. Retinoic acid should be applied to affected wrinkles and/or pigment spots sparingly after cleansing and drying skin each night. A pea sized amount is enough to cover the entire face. Use with daily sunscreen applied in the morning. Many precautions apply to use of the GOLD.

First, it is an adjunct to comprehensive skin care and sun avoidance (anti-aging). You may experience stinging, burning, itching, redness, and dryness of the skin. Flaking or light peeling may occur. These usually subside as your skin adjusts to the medication. Meanwhile, avoid unnecessary skin irritants, use moisturizer, and inform the doctor of these side effects.

A corticosteroid cream may be prescribed to help dermatitis resolve. If it doesn’t resolve, Dr. Laverson may prescribe a lower strength retinoic acid, like .02% or .025% cream (less concentrated).

Do not apply to eczematous or irritated skin. Pregnancy, eczema, sensitivity to sunlight, sunburn, and certain medications (fluoroquinolones, thiazides, tetracyclines, phenothiazines, sulfonamides) are relative contraindications to tretinoin / retinoic acid therapy.

Avoid using the GOLD for longer than four months consecutively. It’s best to take a one month vacation from tretinoin and hydroquinone after four months of consecutive treatment, then resume with daily sunscreen.

How Anti-aging Treatment Work

Anti-aging skin treatment includes protection from the sun and for many, regular use of tretinoin (all-trans-retinoic-acid), the best established of all prescriptions for maintaining youthful skin.  

Tretinoin penetrates into cellular machinery, inducing many favorable effects.  Tretinoin up-regulates collagen and elastin, thickens aging epidermis, normalizes pigment distribution, and diminishes fine wrinkling of the skin.  Although surface drying of the skin may result, Dr. Laverson controls this by suspending his tretinoin formulation (The GOLD) in powerful moisturizers and by adding low strength anti-inflammatory agents.  Apply tretinoin to aging and/or pigmented skin areas evenings after cleansing.  Exfoliation improves penetration and increases effectiveness.  Tretinoin is a prescription product, and MUST be accompanied by strong sun protection during the day because it sensitizes skin to solar exposure.

Restoration of Beautiful & Youthful Appearing Skin

No matter how damaged your skin may be, we can improve your situation, often dramatically.  The first step to skin recovery is examination and professional evaluation.  Your consultation includes complexion analysis, skin history including genetics and exposure, and careful inspection by Dr. Steve Laverson.  If your personal or family history includes skin cancer, or you notice a skin lesion that has been growing or changing, consultation and/or follow-up with your primary care physician or dermatologist may be urgent.

Depending on problem(s) you want to improve, we offer safe and effective treatments, and follow your progress for the best results.

Call (858) 295-4001  with questions about the GOLD, and/or other products Dr. Laverson recommends.

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