Braless Breast Lift — Wear Your Summer Dress Without A Bra

Proportionate, youthful, feminine, well shaped breasts look great in summer clothes.  But if breastfeeding, weight loss, or age have caused your breasts to sag, getting dressed in the summer probably involves choosing between undesirable bra straps and strapless bras that demand frequent adjustment. If you want to wear backless, strapless, and keyhole cutout dresses with convenience, consider a breast lift procedure.  Breast lift (mastopexy) restores youthful “perky” breast shape and often liberates women to go braless.


What is a breast lift?

A breast lift (mastopexy) lifts and re-shapes sagging breasts for more fullness and projection. Breastfeeding, weight loss, age, and other factors result in a loss of breast volume, and if the surface skin of the breast doesn’t shrink in proportion with the lost volume, sagging occurs.  A breast lift works by increasing the breast skin surface area to volume ratio. This is done either by decreasing the amount of skin surface area or by increasing the breast volume. Both are possible, depending on the type of breast lift. 


Types of breast lifts

Every woman is different, and breast lifts vary as well. There are several ways breast sagginess can be corrected and a more feminine hourglass shape achieved. One way to customize a breast lift is to choose the surgical approach most appropriate for achieving the patient’s desired results. Surgical breast lift techniques include:

  • Scarless breast lift – breast augmentation with implants or fat transfer.
  • Peri areolar breast lift – includes adjustment of the size and position of the areola
  • Conventional mastopexy – for women with extra skin who have significant involution of breast gland or weight loss.  Offers the most dramatic change, but longer scars.  Can be combined with implants for added volume, fullness, and breast projection.


A breast lift is planned to meet individual needs and preferences.  Many women want to address volume loss in addition to sagging.  Others do not want added volume, just compact naturally sized lifted breasts.  Typically, the breasts are lifted in one of three ways:

  • Implant alone – When sagging is mild and more volume is desired, augmentation with a breast implant may be enough to lift the nipple and areola and plump up the loose skin for a lovely rounded breast shape. 
  • Mastopexy alone – When additional volume is not needed and only a breast lift is desired, the nipple and areola are moved to a prominent central position, the breast is sculpted and raised, and excess skin is removed for more youthful feminine contours. 
  • Mastopexy with implant – For those with more severe sagging and smaller breasts, a combination breast lift and breast augmentation is usually the best way to improve the breast shape and lift the breast. 


At Feel Beautiful Plastic Surgery in San Diego, Dr. Laverson will understand your situation and explain available choices that will produce your desired look in summer clothes. 


A note about bras

A breast lift will correct sagginess and give you the freedom to go braless, but there are limitations. First, don’t go braless right away.  To get the most out of your breast lift surgery, you should wear a specialized post-surgical support bra and specialized breast skin tape for several months. These stabilize your healing breasts in their youthful position, protecting them against gravity and minimizing breast scars. You may need to wait 6-12 weeks after your procedure before going braless. Compliance with post-surgical instructions helps improve your results. 

The second caveat is that in order to maintain the results of your breast lift, you’ll need to avoid distance running or jumping sports after surgery.  Dressing without a bra on occasion is one of the benefits of a breast lift, but bralessness and unsupported running and jumping is your lifestyle, your results may not last as long. The bright side is that you now have the perfect excuse to buy sexy lingerie: Doctor’s orders!


Schedule a breast lift consultation in San Diego at Feel Beautiful today!

When you come to Feel Beautiful for your breast lift consultation, Dr. Laverson will evaluate the size and shape of your breasts as well as the degree of sagging and skin laxity. He’ll listen to your desired results and discuss your options with you. Your consultation is also a great time to ask questions. Dr. Laverson believes that the more comfortable you are going in for your breast lift surgery, the better you’ll feel about your results. At Feel Beautiful, we’re committed to providing every patient with excellent service, superior medical care, and exquisite results. Give us a call at (858) 295-4001 to schedule your breast lift consultation with Dr. Laverson today. 

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