Reduce and Smooth Forehead & Squint Lines

Smooth Facial Lines of Worry, Concern, Anger, and Age

Botox-doctor-north-county-san-diego-botox-injection-san-diegoYes, we CAN smooth your forehead lines (or eliminate them), no matter how deep they are or how long you’ve had them.  Sometimes, it’s just a brief office treatment with “neuromodulator” medication.  If you are older, have deeper creases, or desire perfect smoothness, additional measures may be indicated such as injectable filler(s), laser or chemical peel, or surgery.  Dr. Laverson has among the largest personal experience with these medications, and brings anatomical and aesthetic understanding unique to expert plastic surgeons.  Injection is easy and available from many providers, but beautiful brow shaping, avoiding overtreatment, and achieving the longest possible effect with the lowest dose require greater effort and knowledge.  Dr. Botox-browlift-botox-forehead-browlift-doctor-san-diego-plastic-surgeonLaverson treats subject muscles with precision and delicacy to achieve desired results.  The most commonly treated lines and creases include dynamic “squint”, “anger”, and “worry” lines between eyebrows, horizontal “surprise” lines across the forehead, and “crow’s feet” smile lines lateral to eyelids.   For treatment in these areas, Dr. Laverson uses only FDA approved neuro-modulators such as Botox®,  Dysport®, or Xeomin®.  These highly purified medications soften and smooth moderate to severe dynamic lines of expression between eyebrows, across the forehead,  and in the crow’s feet area without changing the look of your whole face.  You’ll still be able to express yourself, but without the harsh creases !

For treatment of the forehead, advanced aesthetic knowledge and anatomical understanding is critical.  Shape of beautiful brows differs between men and women.  Too much neuromodulation of forehead muscles results in complete brow relaxation.  This is desirable to remove wrinkles, but not good brow aesthetics.  A completely relaxed brow causes an appearance of heavy eyelids, a concerned, tired, or angry expression, and diminished capacity to express emotion.  When eyebrows drop from complete forehead relaxation, upper eyelid skin folds down over the upper eyelashes so women have difficulty applying mascara, the upper eyelid crease is hidden, and the eyes may appear smaller, and fatigued.  The feminine brow is tilted higher laterally.  Dr. Laverson understands your anatomy and aesthetic features of forehead and eyebrow beauty.  By  incorporating his professional knowledge, experience, and judgment into your treatment, you are more likely to preserve facial expression after Botox®, Dysport®, or Xeomin® injection, and an attractive brow shape.



 Smoothing Deep Lines and Wrinkles

For years, I had the deepest lines between my eyebrows you could imagine.   They made me look older, tired, and as a teacher, students always thought I was scowling at them. The lines remained even after Botox, so in three seconds, Dr. Laverson filled them with gel and they have been smooth ever since, going on two years now!  It was such a simple thing to him, but has made a huge difference!  Now I look placid, happy, and younger to everyone, including myself !

M.L., Del Mar Union School District

 VIDEO:  Mechanism of Action of Neuromodulator: Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin®


Frown Lines Before Juvederm Filler


Frown Lines Immediately After Juvederm Filler