Skin Health & Beauty: Products, Prescriptions, Lasers, Peels, RF, etc.

Basic Skin Care (Preventive Maintenance, Keeping Your Skin Beautiful)

great-skin-care-natural-skin-care-effective-skin-careCosmetics color, cover, conceal, and camouflage skin and skin structures.  Our specialty is caring for the skin itself, as it appears beneath or without cosmetics. We protect and preserve youthful, healthy skin, and correct existing problems.  Cosmetics contain synthetics, oils, preservatives, chemicals, and allergens.  Continual surface occlusion with make-up often confounds the skin, so good skin care should minimize your need for cosmetics.  We want your skin to appear beautiful enough so you don’t need as much make-up.  Issues we address include pigmentation, surface contour irregularities, and features of aging or exposure.   The quality, health, and appearance of your skin surface reflects your age and vitality. Regardless of your skin color, texture, and type, proven measures protect and preserve a youthful presentation.  These should become habits for health and hygiene.  Regular cleansing, when properly performed with a quality product, opens pores allowing sebum (secretion of sebaceous glands of the skin) to drain, removes debris, and controls microbial growth on the skin.  We strongly endorse TDW Skin Care® premium products for their truly outstanding formulations, for their philosophy of educating the consumer in self-care, for their marketing honesty and authenticity, and for their safety and simplicity of use.

excellent-skin-care-asian-skin-dark-skin-careProtection from excessive ultraviolet radiation (direct solar exposure) avoids irregular pigmentation (spots and/or patches) on sun exposed areas and minimizes the chance of mutations in deep epidermal (skin surface) cells that become carcinoma (skin cancer).  Protective measures include hat, sunglasses, properly used quality sunblock, and avoiding unnecessary exposure by timing outdoor activities during hours when the sun is not high in the sky.  Sun protective clothing, properly tinted windows, and shade also offer refuge.

Truly effective anti-aging meausures for the skin include protection from the sun and for many, regular use of tretinoin (all-trans-retinoic-acid), still by far and away the most successful of all available prescriptions to maintain youthful skin.  Tretinoin penetrates into cellular machinery, inducing many favorable effects.  Tretinoin increases collagen and elastin content of skin, thickens aging epidermis, normalizes pigment distribution, and diminishes fine wrinkling of the skin.  Although surface drying of the skin may result, Dr. Laverson controls this by suspending his tretinoin formulation in a powerful moisturizer, and adding low strength anti-inflammatory components.  Application of tretinoin in the evening after skin cleansing with a quality exfoliator improves penetration and increases effectiveness.  Tretinoin is a prescription product, and MUST be accompanied by strong sun protection during the day because it sensitizes skin to the solar exposure.

Restoration of Beautiful & Youthful Appearing Skin

No matter how damaged your skin may be, we can improve your situation, often dramatically.  The first step to skin restoration, rejuvenation, renovation, and recovery is evaluation in our metropolitan San Diego Plastic Surgery office.  Your evaluation includes complexion analysis, skin history including genetics and exposure, and careful examination by Dr. Steve Laverson.  If you have a personal or family history of skin cancer, or notice a skin lesion that has been growing or changing, consultation and/or follow-up with your physician or dermatologist may be urgent.

Depending on problem(s) you want to improve, we apply safe and effective treatments, and follow your progress for the best results.

Skin improving treatments we perform frequently include:

  • Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) Chemical Peels for pigment and fine creases
  • Varilite Laser treatment of fine vessels, red spots, tan spots, skin lesions, benign growths, spider veins, and other skin irregularities
  • Thermi-RF skin tightening and fat melting for loose skin or bulges
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) resurfacing for facial wrinkles, loose eyelid skin, wrinkles around lips, acne scars, and for restoration of aging damaged skin
  • Skilled Plastic Surgical removal of lesions or re-arrangement to improve and/or restore appearance.

These treatments are recommended individually or in combination depending on your situation and desired outcome.


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