Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

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San Diego Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Tummy Tuck Procedure SpecialistDr. Steve Laverson is passionate about sexy tummy tuck results.   Tummy tuck (AKA Abdominoplasty or Mommy Tuck) is a surgical procedure performed to tighten and flatten the female abdomen that has been expanded and stretched by aging and/or pregnancy.  The procedure narrows your waist, removes loose excess lower abdominal skin and fat (below the belly button), and shapes your abdominal surface to a more youthful, fit contour. Childbearing, especially repeated childbearing, pregnancies in the late 30’s and 40’s, and twin pregnancies stretch abdominal skin and deep tissue beyond the capability of restoration by diet and exercise. Abdominoplasty is not a weight loss procedure, but shapes more fit, youthful contours.  Results are best for women who are at a healthy weight level, but the procedure is also valuable for women (and men) with disproportionate excess fold(s) of abdominal skin and fat.   Extra skin will never go away by dieting and exercise, but must be removed surgically.  Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) requires recovery time (pain medication and 1-3 weeks before returning to work) and a scar across the lower abdomen.  Dr. Laverson always tries to minimize the prominence of your scar by keeping it as short as possible, as low as possible, and as obscure (behind clothing lines) as possible.  Before scheduling your procedure, review scars on “after” photographs of Dr. Laverson’s past patients to be sure you understand the size, location, and expected character of your scar. The scar fades over time, and is well hidden beneath bikini bottom and intimate wear.   Dr. Laverson sometimes recommends a “delay procedure” two weeks before tummy tuck.  Performed painlessly in the office, this allows him to more safely lower your scar level to position behind your preferred styles and to sculpt fit abdominal contours.  Dr. Laverson has developed specialized techniques for a sexy belly button and attractive contour. The day of your delay procedure, wear the swimsuit bottom or panties you want to conceal the scar so Dr. Laverson can better plan your procedure. Many women combine tummy tuck with breast lift, breast augmentation, and/or liposuction (“Mommy Makeover”) for an alluring, feminine silhouette.  Revisions to improve the result, most often office procedures at minimal charge, are common to meet Dr. Laverson’s high standards.


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I hadn’t worn a bikini in thirty years,and never thought I would again, but just bought and wore one last week.  It looks fantastic, thanks Dr. Laverson!

Your Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) Care: What to Expect

Tummy Tuck Surgeon San Diego

Second Stage Compression Garment

Second Stage Compression Garment

Because you will be inactive for one to two weeks following tummy tuck, make arrangements for child care, and reschedule all physically demanding obligations.  Have pain medicine (analgesics), and if needed, muscle relaxer and/or sleeping medication available.  After tummy tuck, walking several times daily around the home and deep breathing are advised, and encouraged.  You will awake from anesthesia with soft padding covering your abdomen, and a snugly applied, high quality, latex-free Dale abdominal binder securing these bandages in place, and suppoting your abdominal transformation.  Adjust tension of your abdominal binder by gently unfastening the velcro, repositioning the binder snugly, but comfortably, low around hips and encompassing your waist also.  Refasten binder and drain reservoirs.  These bulb reservoirs should be emptied two to three times daily into a small measuring cup, and the time of emptying and volume of drainage recorded.  After emptying bulb, collapse it completely and re-cap to restore suction.  Secure reservoir to binder with safety pin or velcro.  Bring written record of drainage to follow up appointment so Dr. Laverson can evaluate best time for removal of each drain.  If you went home from the surgery center with an indwelling urine catheter, it may be removed when you are able to comfortably

Third Stage Garment

Third Stage Garment

get up from bed or chair to restroom.  Do not remove bandages or shower after tummy tuck until you have seen Dr. Laverson in the office following your procedure, and then only if he has indicated you may shower.  Until your first  office appointment following tummy tuck, sponge bathe only (no shower or bath), and keep bandages clean and dry.  Excessive blood on bandages, bleeding, or drainage from the surgical area are unusual, and should be reported to Dr. Laverson at 760-753-6464.  Dr. Laverson will supply a large roll of clean padding to take home and apply beneath your Dale abdominal binder after each shower.  Our post-tummy-tuck-scar-management-program includes the application of,  Hypafix® tape across your lower abdominal closure for two to three months following tummy tuck to produce the best possible (least visible) scar.  We use specialized silicone sheeting to minimize scar, and provide second stage compression garments to maintain your shape during the critical three months following tummy tuck.

Frequently Asked Abdominoplasty Questions

Does Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck/mommy tuck) eliminate “stretch marks” from my pregnancy?

If the stretch marks (striae) are located in on the lower abdomen (below the belly button) then they will be removed by abdominoplasty. Typically, all of the skin from just above the navel to the pubic region is removed. This skin often contains stretch marks and redundant skin. The upper skin (above the belly button) is then stretched down to the pubis to cover the entire abdomen, contoured, trimmed to fit, and closed. If stretch marks are above the belly button or on other areas like the hips and/or buttocks, tummy tuck may move these stretch marks and decrease their visibility.

What is unique about Dr. Laverson’s tummy tuck procedure?

Dr. Laverson performs an advanced, highly evolved version of conventional tummy tuck that shapes abdominal surface contours in ways the traditional procedure performed by most surgeons does not.  Before deciding upon Dr. Laverson, compare his results (gallery) with other surgeons to be sure this shape is what you want.  Skin and fat are sculpted and re-positioned to simulate the appearance of a youthful, lean, physically fit abdominal wall.  Dr. Laverson strives for the result to match your other features.  His ability to shape your abdominal surface depends on many factors, including your abdominal wall compliance, thickness of fat layer, position of belly button, previous abdominal surgery, and others

Does Dr. Laverson do “lipoabdominoplasty?”

Lipoabdominoplasty implies the addition of liposuction (fat removal by suction cannula) to conventional abdominoplasty.  On occasion, if you want and will benefit from liposuction of flanks, thighs, waist, or other areas, YES, Dr. Laverson will reduce this excess fat by liposuction at the time of abdominoplasty to improve your satisfaction with the shape of your body.   Regarding liposuction of the abdominal wall, NO, he does not, because Dr. Laverson believes liposuction superimposed upon abdominal wall surgery increases risks without significantly improving results.  Instead, he contours the deep surface of the abdominoplasty under direct vision to produce the fit look he’s known for, believing this more effective and advanced than lipoabdominoplasty.

When can I return to normal activities after tummy tuck?

bikini_girl_walking_hg_clrasian_lady_situps_hg_whtYou will walk slowly around your home during the week after tummy tuck.  Walking outside the home, driving, and light activities are resumed the second week following your procedure.  More vigorous walking, weight training with upper and lower body, and other sporting activities not involving exertion of your core abdominal muscles usually begin four weeks after tummy tuck surgery.  Intense exertion such as distance running, athletic dancing, active sports, competition, and core exercises are possible beginning three months following tummy tuck.

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