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Exilis® Non-Surgical Body Contouring & Skin Tightening

Exilis is an ideal anti-aging skin treatment;  the more treatments you have, the more your skin tightens and shrinks.  Exilis® is powerful preventive care, and is a natural treatment involving no injections, medications, or surgery.  This technology prevents the most apparent feature of aging:  Loose, flaccid, and wrinkled skin.  Exilis® is incorporated into your self improvement plan as a stand alone treatment or combined with liposculpture, body contouring, or other facial rejuvenation procedures.  Exilis® smooths cellulite, improves skin texture, and tightens pores.

An amazing feature of Exilis® is that each session delivers some improvement.  While aging, you do not see deterioration from day to day.  Aging involves very small daily changes that become visible only slowly, during a process that lasts for years.  Exilis®, likewise, is a slow process, but works in the opposite direction of aging, tightening and lifting the skin.  Continuing Exilis® therapy over time may have dramatic anti-aging benefits.

Exilis® harnesses your body’s own healing mechanisms to tighten and shrink treated skin.  During each session, radiofrequency energy harmlessly heats connective tissue and fat beneath your skin surface, while simultaneously cooling your skin surface to prevent burns.  Heat delivered below the skin surface stimulates a healing response that induces collagen production, contraction, and over the course of weeks, skin tightening.  Your precise response depends on your skin thickness, the energy applied, and your genetically determined healing reaction.

At Feel Beautiful in San Diego, we have accumulated significant experience using Exilis  to tighten skin around the eyes, along the brows, the face, cheeks, jawline, and neck.  Exilis tightens loose, wrinkled, and sagging skin of the arms, hands, abdomen and thighs.  Loose labial skin can be tightened and shrunk  for vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation as well.  Exilis® works well on all skin types, because the site of activity is just beneath the skin.  Results are not dependent on surface pigmentation.  Until Exilis, there was only one way to tighten loose skin, and that was by surgical removal with scars.  Although Exilis will not remove skin like surgery, it can be used over a larger area for significant contraction. Most patients find Exilis treatment a pleasant experience.  Application of radiofrequency feels warm, but not painful.  Treatments last 15 – 30 minutes.  There are no associated scars, and no recovery time.  This is a “lunchtime” treatment that should become part of every anti-aging program, particularly for those who wish to avoid surgery.  For best results, a series of treatments are recommended, properly spaced one to two months apart.  The series should be repeated every two to three years beginning at age 40, depending on skin elasticity and individual response.

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