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Learn more about your possibilities from Steve Laverson, M.D.   Dr. Laverson listens until he understands what you want.  When you choose DrSteve Laverson, MD. Laverson, you’re in good company.  He’s performed over 40,000 successful procedures during the past thirty years and is highly respected by other plastic surgeons locally, nationally, and internationally.  Dr. Laverson has operated on heads of corporations, heads of state, and on heads of the household.  His clientele includes celebrities, attorneys, actresses, and accomplished professionals.  He operates on models, musicians, and moms, programmers, princesses, and porn stars, stylists, surgeons, their wives and daughters, dancers, athletes, executives, and many of modest means and demeanor, who desire no special mention.  Yet, EVERYONE is unique and special, divinely created;  dignity, self-respect,  and identity are intimately related to appearance for every man, woman, and child.  Your extraordinary beauty and the beauty of your dreams are recognized, respected, and protected here.  Our daily responsibility is a sacred privilege, that is, regardless of who you are and where you’re from, to promote your  journey to confidently and eternally Feel Beautiful.

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Background and Philosophy

Plastic-Surgeon-San-Diego-Steve-Laverson-Top-Doctor-Award-Plastic-Surgeon-smallKnown as an artist even before high school, Dr. Steve Laverson  attended the United States Naval Academy on a Congressional Appointment from 1975-77, and graduated first in his class at the University of Maryland in 1979.   At the University of Maryland Medical School in Baltimore, Steve decided that plastic surgery was the best fit for his artistic ability and for his love of beauty.

Not one to abide short cuts, after medical school Dr. Laverson trained in general surgery and plastic surgery as an intern, resident, and fellow for ten years.  He operated at many esteemed institutions with great surgeons at University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania, Emory, UCLA, USC,  Stanford, and other respected centers.  Dr. Laverson attributes his strong surgical confidence and technical skill to lessons learned during those years, in particular, his chief residency in general surgery at Cosmetic Surgery ClinicMartin Luther King Jr. (MLK) General Hospital in South Central Los Angeles.  Perhaps the   busiest trauma center in the world when he was there, MLK provided  continuous opportunities for independent management of all types of major blunt and penetrating trauma.  This experience was a crucible for the development of  broad applied anatomical and physiologic knowledge, mature surgical judgment, technical excellence, and a sound foundation for a lifetime of intangible professional expertise that is not widely available.  Dr. Laverson trained in plastic surgery with the largest and longest in existence private practice in the United States, the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group in New York.  Dr. Laverson passed oral and written board examinations to become certified by the American Board of Surgery (1992) and by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (1995).  He re-certified in Plastic Surgery in 2005, and participates in the American Board of Plastic Surgery Maintenance of Certification Program Annually.  Dr. Laverson is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, and has operated Feel Beautiful Plastic Surgery in San Diego, California since 1993.  Steve held a variety of clinical and administrative positions at local hospitals and contributed to peer reviewed journals such as Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, Journal of Trauma, and others.  His passion and professional focus is cosmetic improvement of the face, breasts, and body.

Medical school and intense surgical training infuse a strong service ethic into physicians, a philosophy that Dr. Laverson feels most comfortable with. The value of a professional correlates with the value of service provided to others, and accordingly, his patients find Dr. Laverson quite unpretentious considering the benefits he has provided to so many.

Adopting the name “Feel Beautiful” rather than his own name is Dr. Laverson’s way of saying our practice is not about him, it is about YOU. Knowing what you desire helps him design and implem ent a treatment plan to fulfill or exceed your expectations. Dr. Laverson’s consistent goal is to provide the most adv antage and the least disadvantage. Advantage is your pleasure with the quality and longevity of your result; disadvantage is the risk, cost of procedure, and recovery time. We have invested heavily and are totally committed to providing the best possible outcome, the safest experience, and the best value for everyone who trusts in us and presents to us their most precious, and indeed sacred possession: Their face and/or bodPlastic Surgeon San Diegoy. Feel Beautiful is not just our name, it is what we want for every individual who walks through our doors.


During his fellowship at the world class Los Angeles County-USC Burn Unit in 1985-86, Dr. Laverson met the special woman, Joanne, who was to become his wife.  For over 25 years, Joanne has been the strong, supporting, and loving woman behind the man.