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Stealth Plastic Surgery    (Selecting Your Surgeon – Video, Click Here)

Plastic-surgeon-san-diego-plastic-surgery-for-beautiful-face-san-diegoFeel Beautiful is the private Plastic Surgery Office of Dr. Steve Laverson, known by some as the destination for “stealth” plastic surgery, naturally beautiful results that don’t look like plastic surgery.  Stealth is Dr. Laverson’s philosophy, and incorporates original techniques as well as approaches developed by others.   Features fundamental to your identity and beauty remain as they are.  The stealth procedure selectively manages only your problem areas.  You don’t look different after stealth procedures,  you still look like yourself, only better.

Pictures Tell Our Story.

Our story is about what others have done for themselves, what can be done for you, and about an artistic surgeon’s style for enhancing the adult human face, breast, and body. These works of art are conceived and crafted to benefit the bearer. Plastic surgery is a reality of modern life, and possible for everyone. Procedures have become safe, and results more predictable than ever.  We accept the need to maintain the appearance of our homes and automobiles, and good plastic surgery has today become an imperative as well.

Cosmetic plastic surgery is about dignity, and your ambition to improve. Our sense of identity and character are partly based on personal appearance. Aesthetic treatments maintain, restore, or create your best appearance.  A little can go a long way. Well done plastic surgery supports an improved identity, and self-confidence. Conversely, a poor result may detracts from one’s self image, and quality of life. The value of the procedure depends on quality of the result.

Your surgeon should have the highest standards for your result, and aesthetic ideals that correspond to yours. Doctors who really care about you impose upon themselves the highest standard for their own training, and for the care of each and every patient. Dr. Laverson is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  If you are considering plastic surgery here, examine his results carefully.

Fine wine must be savored to appreciate. Likewise, look closely to appreciate the difference that a master surgeon makes. Patients are photographed as they visit the office, with or without cosmetics. Important elements in the result are surface contours, the youthfulness and natural appearance of features. Do they appear beautiful and natural to you, or “surgical” and overdone? Did the patient experience visible benefit from their procedure? Pigment irregularities correct over time, can be concealed with cosmetics, and should be disregarded. Photos less than six months after the procedure are still swollen, but approximate the final result.

Because they value him most, Dr. Laverson loves sophisticated and discriminating patients. Everyone is unique, and deserves special treatment. You will get it here.  If you’ve wondered about improving a certain feature of your face, breasts, or body, schedule a consultation with Dr. Laverson. He is as determined for you to Feel Beautiful as you are!

How should I find the best surgeon for my procedure?

Because the American Board of Plastic Surgery is the only American Board of Medical Specialties board authorized to train and certify physicians in cosmetic surgery, confirm not that your doctor is “Board Certified,” but that he or she is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Would you go to an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist for your breast augmentation? Would you see a plastic surgeon for coronary artery bypass? Of course not!

Feel comfortable with your surgeon’s commitment to your desired result, with the cost of the operation, with his or her ability to manage complications, and with your surgeon’s results from similar procedures he or she has previously performed. See unaltered “before and after” photos of other patients who have had your procedure.   If you like the results your surgeon has achieved for other patients, then both of your aesthetic senses are in agreement.  Consider where your surgeon plans to perform your procedure; Be certain the operating room (OR) is accredited. Verify that your surgeon is qualified to do the procedure in a local hospital before allowing it to take place in an office based surgery center. Many non-plastic surgeons perform procedures in their office that they do not have credentials to perform in the hospital.

Explain Dr. Laverson’s Philosophy, and what differentiates Feel Beautiful Plastic Surgery?

What differentiates us is simple:  Dr. Laverson’s personality, character, inherent aptitudes, developed skills, and judgment.

Plastic Surgery involves specialized techniques.  Many procedures demand from the surgeon a high level of skill, judgment, knowledge, and experience.  In the end, performance of these operations and the final result is an individualized artistic gift  by the surgeon in the service of another human being, the patient.   The nature of service provided sources from the entire complex of the surgeon’s personality.  If given with integrity, compassion, high standards, aesthetic vision, and attention to detail, cosmetic surgery promotes the quality of your social, professional, and personal life.  In such cases, value of the procedure to the patient far exceeds the dollar amount paid.  YOU HAVE GOTTEN A GREAT DEAL!  If the surgeon was  indifferent in his or her training, in motivation, or in commitment, your result may not measurably enhance quality of life.  The outcome may be worth little, even less than the cost of the procedure.  YOU HAVE GOTTEN A BAD DEAL.  In large measure, the value of your procedure depends upon the character, professionalism, and innate ability of your surgeon.

To paraphrase the late Judge Elbert Tuttle, it is difficult to put a price on cosmetic procedures:  The value depends on the right result, for the right patient.  A procedure performed skillfully by a caring surgeon is priceless.  If executed without proper indications, care, and preparation, the result may be worthless, or even a liability.  Procedures with a great value differential may be identical in name and in monetary cost.  In other words, not all facelifts (or breast augmentations, rhinoplasties, tummy tucks, etc.) are created equal.  In planning a cosmetic procedure, choosing your surgeon and understanding the process of plastic surgery is important.

Dr. Laverson chose the name Feel Beautiful for his practice rather than his own name because this is our true mission.  The process of plastic surgery, including consultation, preparation,  operation, recovery, and healing may be lengthy and demanding.  You are investing time, money, and emotions.  You are taking a leap of faith.  You need a strong, reliable partner committed to your best possible experience, safety, and result.  Prospects seeking information often ask whether Dr. Laverson does this procedure or that, or uses one product or another.  These questions are welcome, but techniques and products are incorporated in the service of results.  Your desired result, for you to Feel Beautiful, is the premier consideration.  WHAT YOU WANT COMES FIRST.  Then, we decide together HOW to get you there.  Every person is unique.  Although we do many procedures, we are not about procedures, we are about results.  We incorporate both proven traditional techniques and highly innovative techniques in the service of our patients’ goals.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, our recommendation is NOT to research price or procedure, but for true value, research surgeon and results.

Is it possible to spend the night in your surgery center?

Yes. For longer procedures or multiple procedures performed the same day (e.g. face and necklift, “mommy makeover”), we suggest overnight stay to be certain of adequate pain control and patient safety.   A nurse and nursing assistant monitor vital signs, help maintain your comfort, and immediately call Dr. Laverson if you have any questions or if a problem arises.

Do you offer financing?

best-cosmetic-surgeon-san-diegoYes.   Apply for financing online or in our office. It only takes minutes; By the time your consultation is complete, you will know how much you are approved for.   We offer several sources of funding to accommodate a variety of credit profiles.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is named from the Greek word “plastikos” which means “to shape”, based on the surgeon re-shaping the form of the face and/ or body. The name “plastic” has nothing to do with materials used in the surgery itself, although plastic surgical procedures often requires natural or artificial implants of one type or another. Many techniques involve relocation of a patient’s own tissues from one area on the body to another. Other specialized methods involve reshaping existing tissues for a better appearance.

Is there any scarring?

Any time a cut or incision is made in the skin, scar development is part of the normal healing process. Plastic Surgeons are expert at minimizing visibility of scars and locating them in the least conspicuous areas. Often, scars will become undetectable to all but the most careful examination over the course of time. Scars may also be hidden in the hair, along a wrinkle, in the mouth, etc., so they are undetectable. The approximate placement and length of the scar will be discussed before surgery. You may also review patient’s photos with similar incisions.

Plastic Surgery for Men

Men want to Feel Beautiful too!  Details of each procedure differ from those on women to preserve or emphasize masculine features.  Most popular procedures for men are rhinoplasty (nose), face or neck lift, eyelid rejuvenation (blepharoplasty), liposuction for love handles, hair transplants, male breast reduction, chin implant, and others.

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